Its tales have served as building blocks in the creative unconscious of society. However, this island of the mind is more than just a mythical construction… it has appeared in reality, and brings with it a vast wellspring of unseen power.

Until recently, Rajrin never really existed in any conventional sense of the term. And yet,has appeared periodically, quite real and quite here, on the material plane. The last time that it appeared was three decades ago in Bralspace. For a year and a day it trailed The Rock of Bral’s orbit and then, as suddenly as it appeared it vanished once again.

Such details are uncertain. What is certain is that an island full of psionic power had suddenly appeared in the sphere, and if there’s one thing that adventurers as a demographic crave, it’s power. They flocked to regions near the island, pressing towards this new horizon of untapped potential. Some even made it as far as the city of Su’vah

Adapted from Untapped Potential: New Horizons in Psionics