Campaign of the Month: April 2011

Planejammer: The Spelljoined

Ship’s Log and Ledger 1

for the spelljamming vessel named The Fool’s Earrand.

Journal bar ef
Yes, the name is misspelled. But that seems to be fitting for the current situation. The Spelljoined is required to maintain honest, legible, accurate records of all transactions concerning maintenance fees, company profits et al. is the official stating of what I’m doing, though I have no talent for prose, I will follow the rules and agreed upon terms. How I got into this mess may be explained along the way, if I ever figure it out.

So, the numbers are kept on the other page; I will most likely be referring to them at some point, so don’t lose it, berk. Please notice that this is not a captain’s log because I still don’t know who’s in charge; you never know it might be me… Anyway, to clarify “the Spelljoined” consists of five individuals: Kenari Sanura, Vedis Valentine, Sapphira Nye, Lenata of Celestian and myself Ef Utan Izenik. (As far as I can tell, I’m the only male. Even the owning company’s representative is a female Giff named Willimina Uft.) The ship is a dragonfly model.

We took possession of the ship on —–. At this point we have become “the Spelljoined”, and two of our number have contributed to our company’s capital {1, 2} and we had worked together to earn a humble 46 gp {3}.

We purchased three months of standard rations and whatever Sapphira eats, four months of fresh water and whatever Sapphira drinks, five months of dry rations, which I hope I never finish, two 200 foot hawsers (anchors), a cargo hoist, two anchor hoists, cargo basket 8’x 8’ with a hard bottom surface, three standard cargo nets, two thousand feet of sturdy hemp rope, five hundred feet silk rope, five small grappling hooks, five large grappling hooks, twelve hammocks, one hundred yards of canvas in white, green, black and red, a chest containing a shipwright’s tool set (told it was complete, but can’t personally verify this), one twelve yard bolt of yellow silk, a small one foot square box filled with sewing needles and such, stow netting and a forty collection of empty wooden boxes, barrels and bags of various sizes {4} before beginning our journey in search for the pirate known as Eric, of the Raven, leading a band of Orcs and departed Bral two days later.

Our first stop was planet Spiral {5} with less than a day’s stay after 6 days of travel.

We observed a derelict nautiloid four days after leaving Spiral.

Arrived at Barre Sinister three days later, stayed for a few hours.

Arrived at Barbuda after 6 days uneventful travel, stayed for a quarter hour, not very welcoming to the space-faring type that I now seem to have become.

Arrived at the Rock of Bral, after seven more days travel, oh how I miss portals, we will be docking in a few hours honestly, just thought I’d finish the log in case anyone from House Moune wanted to check up on us. Though I figure Ms. Uft will verify everything.

More research at the library, so we will probably be here for a few days, then off to Spiral, then to God’s Marbles or possibly Shipwrecker (sounds like a great place to visit in a ship, doesn’t it…)

-Ef Utan Izenik


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