Campaign of the Month: April 2011

Planejammer: The Spelljoined

Kenari - Letter to Dassam


I wish I could say good-bye face to face… but it pains me to say that my destiny is not my own. My friends and I have been conscripted by beings of great power to help guarantee the continued survival of us all, and when they call, we must answer.

I cannot lie, however… there is a part of me that wishes the Gods would look me over this once and let me return to you to spend my days under warm blankets in your arms. While our last embrace was only a month ago to me… by the time you get this letter (and I hope to the Gods Murlynd delivered it) 20 years might have passed between us. The Gods are not kind, Dassam… for they think not of the relationships of Catfolk when all existence is at stake.

Wherever this letter finds you, I hope that you can read it with an open heart, and know that I wish things could have gone differently. I would gladly run back to your arms, but I do not expect you to hold your life still for me after so long. I hope you are happy and remember me fondly when you look up to the night sky… for I shall never forget you and our too-brief time together.

If you should ever meet a Catfolk from Waa named Tabek or one named Mree… please… tell my family that I love them.

Live a long and happy life, Dassam, and know that I fight for us… but you most of all.


Kenari Sanura


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