Wildspace Domain

Wildspace Domain (Pathfinder Conversion)
Deities: Celestian of Greyspace, Ptah

Granted Powers:
Spelljamming Adept (Su): The cleric gains +2 SR when manning a spelljamming helm, and can Locate Portal in an adjacent crystal shell as a spell-like ability twice per day as long as the cleric is within 400′ + 40′ /level of the sphere’s surface.

B At 8th Level the cleric gains an additional +2 SR that stacks with the one from Spelljamming Adept. In addition the cleric also gains a +4 to all Pilot Spelljammer skill checks. The later ability may be used for a number of rounds per day equal to 3 + Wis bonus + 1 per every five cleric levels.

Domain Spells
1st Air Bubble. 2nd Track Ship 3rd Chill Fire, 4th Black Spot, 5th Life Bubble, 6th Find The Path, 7th Repair Ship. Repairs major damage to a ship, or builds a liferaft, 8th Renew Ship Atmosphere. Completely refreshes most ship’s air envelope, 9th Living Helm You become a major spelljamming helm.

Wildspace Domain

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