Visited Spheres

Phlogiston Galaxies
Phlogiston Galaxies appear to outside observers as galaxy-sized nebulae that emanate high levels of radiation and arcane energy when examined through extreme range telescopes. Invisible to external view, the star systems of these galaxies are encased in titanic crystal spheres. The area inside these spheres is called Wildspace.

The Rainbow Shoal Galaxy (Elliptical Phlogiston Galaxy)
  • Greyspace – Home of Oerth, the World of Greyhawk
  • Realmspace – Home of Toril, world of the Forgotten Realms
  • Spiralspace – Primarily Elven star system that is home to the The Rock of Bral
  • Refuge – Mercane controlled vacation Sphere and Shipyard.
  • Greatspace – Human dominated Hellenic culture, unified star system
  • Pirtel
  • DarnannonEIN Controlled sphere, site of the Stargate.

    Desna’s Path Galaxy ( Spiral Galaxy)
  • Golarion System

  • Visited Spheres

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