Unified Multiversal Timeline

This is an incomplete and ongoing project at best. The Unified Timeline was Paul Westermeyer’s collation of all of the dates and events mentioned throughout TSR’s product catalog, Forgotten Realms, Spelljammer, you name it. The Temporum Sphaera was the original spelljammer netbook created by a collective effort amongst the fans. I cannot thank them enough for providing a framework onto which I could properly begin to graft the events of the past seven campaigns onto the “cannon” history of the settings produced in the TSR era.

This timeline used Paul’s Unified Timeline as its basis, adding in info from the Temporum Sphaera, the Planejammer campaigns, and (slowly) timelines from other products such as Planescape. Some events have been changed from their cannon counterparts to represent the unique timeline of our cross dimensional game.

When documenting the past there are multiple takes on historical events depending on who you talk to an where you do your research. Any one could just as well be right as wrong, only the Powers know for sure. This means that some contradictory information may well appear here. Ye have been warned!


Unified Multiversal Timeline

The worlds initials preceed each entry in brackets.

Use of the  Olven Calender was chosen as an appropriate baseline here because 1) it is tangible evidence of elven influence, 2) I felt it appropriate considering Greyhawk’s status as first AD&D game world and 3) it is the calender that Paul Westermeyer used as his baseline. Without his work this campaign specific project would not have been possible.

Timeline Key

[SJ] Denotes Spelljammer
[PS] Denotes Planescape
[FR] Denotes the Forgotten Realms
[DL] Denotes Dragon Lance
[KT] Denotes Kara-Tur
[AQ] Denotes Al-Quadim
[GH] Denotes Greyhawk
[Maztica] Denotes Maztica
[PJ] Denotes Planejammer: The Macroverse
[SJ-TS] Denotes Spelljammer: Temporum Sphaera
[GW] Denotes Ghostwalk


The Begining — The planes are formed.

  • The baernaloths stagger forth from the mists of creation.

  • The baernaloths spawn the yugoloths.

  • The River Styx forms.

  • A baernaloth named Apomps creates the gehreleths from dead yugoloths and is exiled with the gehreleths into Carcerci.

  • The first ultroloth, the General of Gehenna, creates the Heart of Darkness to expunge the taint of law and chaos from the yugoloths which become the larvae of the lower planes.

  • A creature called the Maeldur Et Kavurik is told the true names of all the larvae.

  • The larvae migrated to the Abyss and Baator to evolve into the tanar’ri and baatezu.

  • The baernaloth dissappear, and the ultroloths become the leaders of the yugoloths.

  • The baatezu begin to explore the planes, eventually discovering the tanar’ri in the Abyss; as the tanar’ri stumble into Baator and find the baatezu.

  • The Blood War begins.

  • The archanaloths hire themselves out to either side of the Blood War, and betraying both.

  • The Lords of the Nine and the Princes of the Abyss (the Abyssal Lords) rise in power.

  • The baatezu and tanar’ri discover the upper planes and the celestials.

  • The celestials swoop down on the lower planes and the Blood War in a year long campaign. A truce is called by the fiends as they rout the celestials back to the upper planes, leaving only 3000 alive.

  • A schism forms in the celestial on how to proceed, forming the archons and the aasimon.

  • Concurrently yet separately, the baatezu, tanar’ri, and yugoloths begin recording their histories.

  • The fiends learn about the powers.

  • Gods of chaos and law begin to meddle in the Blood War until a power of chaos is slain and the surviving gods decided to take more subtle actions.

  • Mask of the Pit happens, as tanar’ri forces attempt to disguise themselves as baatezu and infiltrate the baatezu camp. They fail miserably.

  • The Four-Cross. Bel turns stag on the baatezu, joining forces with tanar’ri, then rejoining the baatezu, only to turn stag on his kind again for a year and a day, when he leads the tanar’ri into a long planned baatezu ambush, crippling the chaotic fiends for almost a decade. Bel is awarded Avernus, the first layer of Baator.

  • After millennia, spirits begin appearing from the prime material plane. On the lower planes, they take the form of larvae, which the baatezu learn to metamorphosize into new members of their kind.

  • The fiends discover Sigil and the Lady of Pain.

  • The first battle over the Field of Nettles.

  • The fiends begin corrupting the prime.

  • The Dark Eight form on Baator to deal with morale lowered by balor tanar’ri infiltrators. They take over the planning process of the Blood War. Of the original eight, only Baalzephon and Fucas still live.

  • The Maw, a massive crevace down the center of the Gray Waste, opens and swallows a yugoloth fortress. It is now called the Ghoresh Chasm. The second baatezu/tanar’ri truce forms and soon disintegrates.

-1,000,000 The Aetas Primus- This is the collective title for the “prehistoric” age of the known spheres. Little or no written records of this age exist, and even artifacts are few and far between. It is assumed that life evolved (or was planted) on approximately a dozen worlds in as many spheres throughout what is now known as the Trulian Ring. This stands to reason, because for reasons described below, this is where the known spheres came from. Whatever the case, for close to a million years space appears to have been devoid of any travellers. One should note the implications of this: for more that 90% of the universe’s history, the beings that eventually evolved into the space faring races of today were, at best, nomadic tribes restricted to a handful of worlds. Tales of the Illithidae ruling space in this age are completely unsubstantiated.

[SJ-TS] The Breaking of the First Sphere- Almost all cultures have a story dealing with the creation (or rebirth) of the known universe. There is physical evidence that at some point in the distant past (the above dates are approximate), the crystal sphere that once resided at the center of what is now the Trulian Ring, literally exploded. When one visits the Trulian Ring today, the remains of this sphere still float in the phlogiston inside the ring. Considering the positions of the spheres in the Trulian ring, and the locations of other known spheres in relation to that ring, it is assumed that this sphere, upon breaking, released all of the other spheres into the flow. The spheres traveled away from the explosion, and eventually settled in their current locations. Note that one should not confuse this First Sphere with the broken sphere that is the assumed origin of the Spelljammer. That sphere, while also dwelling within the Trulian Ring, is a different entity.

-100,000 The Pre-Classical Age- This period marks the true beginning of space travel, even though it went in fits and starts, and with several failed attempts. It is known that two races, the Juna and the Illithids, achieved space travel prior to any others, and appear to have made extensive use of the technology. The period is also characterized by two other civilizations, detailed below. It is also during this time that the first confirmed sightings of the Spelljammer occur. Records from this time tend to derive from mythical accounts and from artifacts. The existence of space travel from this time, however, is a confirmed fact.

-100,036 approx

[SJ-TS] The Migration of the Juna- The first space travellers, believed to have ruled for 30,000 years.

-85,000 approx

[PJ] The Illithid Continuum rules most of Wildspace and a vast multiplanar Empire. All other sentient races are enslaved.

-55,036 approx

[SJ-TS] Height of the ancient Reigar civilization. Controlling four spheres they ruled for a thousand years until brought low by a magical plague.


[PS] The greatest mage in all of Sigil, Shekelor, leaves Sigil and begins a quest for the Labrynth Stone that leads to Agathion, third layer of Pandemonium and ends with his death.


[SJ-TS] The Height of the Juna Civilization Known to have teraformed some planets in the Trulian Ring and elsewhere, apparently for colonization.


[SJ-TS] The First Confirmed Sighting of the Spelljammer in human cave paintings on Oerth, dating from this period. Similar artwork exists on several worlds including Spiral in Spiralspace and H’Catha in Realmspace.


[TS] Disappearance of the Juna – At about this date, teraforming of planets by the Juna ends abruptly, and the race vanished within less than a century. This begins an interstellar “Dark Age”, which lasted almost 3000 years.



[PJ] Illithid Continuum is shattered by the Great Uprising led by Gith combined with a massive assault from the Outer Planes. The fall of Penumbra begins The Retreat as Illithids pull back to the Underdarks and their few remaining colony planets.

[PS] The Blood War pauses as the powers of the Outer Planes turn to face the Illithid menace. Zerthimon spoke out against Gith’s campaign of genocide for the Mindflayers, plunging the freed humans into civil war.When Zerthimon is killed in the civil war, his followers retreated to Limbo in defeat, becoming the githzerai. Gith led her armies into the Astral plane to become the githyanki, “The Children of Gith”. A wizardress named Vlaakith begins counseling Gith to become allies with Tiamat in Baator. She never returns, but Ephelomon, the red dragon consort of Tiamat, visits the githyanki and claims Gith has placed Vlaakith in command, sealing the pact between the Children of Gith and red dragonkind.

-1179 [PS] A portal opens up in the Slags of the Hive and The Blood War spills into Sigil for six weeks.


[SJ-TS] Start of the Nivil Histories -collected and their dates standardized. The histories are still maintained today. The most reliable set can be found in the Great Archive of Compact, on Crescent in Heartspace.

-1,036 The Classical Age This period is fairly well documented, and most of the records are reliable, at least within context, because the one in power always writes history to their advantage. Regardless, it was during this period that the stage was set for most of what we find in space today. Intelligent races spread around the galaxy like wildfire, civilizations rose and fell, and wars were fought left and right. And through it all, the mighty Spelljammer floated about like a ghost, silently watching.

[SJ-TS] Ascension of the Syllix – First instance of true spelljamming helms, called Magestars (similar to lifejammers). In 200 years hey became the dominant race in space.

-836 approx

[SJ-TS] Founding of the Syllix Emirate – Within a decade, the Emirate would be renamed the Chitin Empire, named after the Syllix homeworld, Chi’tan.


[PS] A group calling themselves the Champions of Rajaat begin the Cleansing Wars on the prime world of Athas


[SJ-TS] First Thri-Kreen space travellers using spelljamming technology of their own and not that of the Syllix.


[SJ-TS] Arrival of the Arcane- First doumented appearance of Arcane merchants in the Chitin Empire.

-486 approx

[SJ-TS] The Age of Ascensions – Syllix “client races” become introduced to spelljamming and rise in stature. The Thri-Kreen, who controlled about ten percent of the empire in their own right, eventually followed suit.


[FR] Seven fishing villages form the organisation of Netheril.(-3809 DR)


[SJ-TS] The Founding of Evermeet


[SJ-TS] Formation of the Tears of Selune out of nowhere.


[PS] Fell, a dabus, becomes a priest of Aoskar. The Lady of Pain destroys the church of Aoskar (Power of Portals, God of Doors, Keeper of Gateways) and his head priest Imendor, resulting the the closing of the portals that will become  known as the Four Doors.  Chronepsis, Draconic god of death, fate, and judgement, imprisons his proxy black dragon Argathorn on Thuldanin, in Acheron.


[SJ-TS] Zenith of the Chitin Empire- full control over 20 spheres, and partial control of another six, had 25 space faring races to its credit, as well as over 100 ground based races and a total population that numbered in the trillions. The Chitin Empire, which by now had existed for over a millennia, would enjoy about two centuries of prosperity.


[SJ-TS] The Screaming Migration- The Thri-Kreen declared themselves a sovereign nation. This initially affected three spheres, and eventually spread to another six most of the client races native to the affected spheres sided with the Thri-Kreen, and in the end the Syllix were forced to grant the Thri-Kreen their independence. This combination of internal strife and external conflicts completely destroyed the Chitin Empire, the largest political entity in recorded history aside from The Illithid Continuum.

1,036 to 1,236

[SJ-TS] Crusade of the Celestial Mantis- The wars and missionary actions had mixed results, but in the end the Thri-Kreen gave up their attempt to conquer the universe by means of religious zeal. They turned instead to teaching and commercial endeavors. With or without the Crusade, the Thri-Kreen maintained their dominance of space for several centuries much as the IEN does toady.


[SJ-TS] The Height of the Oortlings- The Oortlings lived on comets in Realmspace, and were known for having a sophisticated, artistic culture. They were small humanoids, perhaps related to halflings, who dabbled in spelljamming. They are known to have explored most of Realmspace, as well as parts of Greyspace and SpiralSpace. Evidence of their explorations have even been found in Solaris and Terraspace.


[DL] Following the elvish victory in the First Dragon War the Kingdom of Silvanestri is formed. (4000 PC)


[PS] The orchish god Gruumish slays the Mulhorand deity Re.


[SJ-TS] Civilizations in the Known Spheres- By this time, there were thriving human, demi-human, and humanoid civilizations in several of the former spheres of the Chitin Empire, and in the current Thri-Kreen Empire. Examples included Greyspace, Realmspace, Krynnspace, Greatspace, Solaris, Omnispace, and many others.


[SJ-TS] The Al’Malamut Empire- A Ptahian theocracy that became the first human nation to actively undertake spelljamming. Over a period of 100 years, they quickly conquered four spheres, including one under the Thri-Kreen. The empire would hold for a surprisingly long time, almost 1400 years. Humans have been in space, in some number, ever since the Al’Malamut wars of conquest.


[FR] Peak of Netherese civilization (-1846 DR)


[DL] The dwarven Kingdom of Kal-Thax is closed to outsiders (2800 PC)

1,958 to 2,034

[SJ-TS] The Great Illithid Wars- The unprovoked attacks on Thri-Kreen settlements by The Illithid Psiocracy (an offshoot of the original Illithid Continuum based in Falxspace) began a seventy five year series of wars. In -2034 they destroyed Ji-Trinan, the Thri-Kreen capital world. The entire planet was pulled into a permanent portal to the Negative Material Plane, sometimes called a Black Hole. The last enclaves of the Thri-Kreen empire vanished within the year, ending with the destruction of the Thri-Kreen homeworld, Sri-Knna. The planet was transformed into a lifeless rock by the Illithids. To this day it is nearly uninhabitable.

2,082 The Modern Age The last three millennia have been bloody by anyone’s standards. With the collapse of the Thri-Kreen empire, the last vestige of the Chiten Empire, a huge power vacuum appeared in the known spheres. Over the next two millennia, several races would ply for control, and the baton would be passed several times. All of the contenders planned to run an empire as large and as strong as the Syllix or the Thri-Kreen, but of these contenders only the elves have even come close.

[SJ-TS] Destruction of the Oortlings- The Illithids, now firmly in control of the known spheres, made it a practice of stamping out any potential opposition to their rule. It is possible, in fact likely, that some of the Oortlings escaped the slaughter, considering their extensive travels. In Realmspace however, the Oortlings are a pathetic shadow of what they once were, barley being able to think for themselves.


[DL] Thorbardin founded (2600 PC)


[FR] Mulhorand and Unther expand (-1500 DR)


[DL] Empire of Ergoth Dominent (2500-2200 PC)


[SJ-TS] Defeat of the Illithids- The last major Illithid fleet was defeated by the Beholders at Toralikis (Toril). This event, combined with a freakish disease that destroyed Illithid brain pools, made the Beholders the dominant race in space. Ironically, their control would last for only a decade, when internal strife drove the race into disarray. These civil wars continue to this day.


[KT] Ascendency of Nung Fu as First Emperor of Shou Lung (-1250 DR)


[DL] The Kinslayer War (2192-2140 PC)


[FR] Spelljamming is discovered by Netheril (c.-1114 )


[FR] Orcgate Wars (-1076 to -1069 DR)


[DL] Swordsheath Scroll signed, Peace on Krynn. (2073 PC)


[FR] An illithid spelljammer is sighted in the Skyward Realms (Realmspace) by Netherese spelljammers (c1064 DR)


[DL] Qualinesti founded (2030 PC)


[FR] Netheril deserts spelljamming as too costly and expensive (c.-964 DR)


[SJ-TS] Collapse of the Al’Malamut Empire.- The Al’Malamut, which had enjoyed a relatively peaceful existence for 1400 years, was quickly decimated in a series of revolts by the member worlds. Explanations vary as to why the worlds revolted, but many historians blame the collapse on a combination of internal revolts, and the fact that by this point there was no controlling group in known space, which allowed incursions into the Al’Malamut to go unchecked. It is known that they fought a bloody war with the Illithid Psiocracy over Garlandspace, which weakened their economy to the breaking point. In short, the Al’Malamut were simply unable to deal with the constant incursions from outside, and the unrest from within. The empire basically imploded.


[FR] Rise of Narfell and Raumather (c-900 DR)


[KT] Teachings of the Path of Enlightment are blasted into the solid granite by reddish lightning during a firestorm witnessed throughout the continent. (-810 DR)


[SJ-TS] Athasspace: Emergence of the Defilers- When the Defilers, began to seize control of Athas, a few rebels took to the stars to find help. Spelljamming was at best a novelty, but it was available at the time.


[KT] The Path of Enlightenment becomes official religion of Shou Lung (-670 DR)


[PS] Dregoth, undead dragon sorcerer-king of Athas, discovers the planar gate. After a decade of research, he uses the device to travel the Outer Planes of existence for the next 15 centuries.


[SJ-TS] New Height of Illithid Influence- The rampant expansion of the Illithid Psiocracy, which brought them into conflict with the human Al’Malamut, was cut short by the arrival of a new contender, the Beholders. During the next century, the Beholders and the Illithids would continuously battle one another for control over anything that wasn’t nailed down. The Al’Malamut and the elves of Evermeet quickly sidestepped the situation and let the two races battle it out.


[PS] The Battle of Mount Deismaar on the prime world of Aebrynis slays that worlds powers, spilling thier blood across the land of Cerilia. Their prime proxies took thier place: Haelyn replaces Anduras, Erik replaces Reynir, Sera replaces Brenna, Avani replaces Basai:a, Kriesha and Belinik replace Azrai, Nesirie preplaces Masela, and Rournil replayces Vorynn (515 Masrtian Reckoning/0 Haelyn’s Count/-973 Michaeline Reckoning).


[KT] The first emperor of the Goshukara is enthroned in Wa (-417 DR)

[KT] The beginning of the Omi War between Shou Lung and Wa (-280 DR)


[FR] The fall of Netheril (-290 DR)


[DL] Fall of Ergoth (1241 PC)


[DL] Founding of the Knights of Solamnia


[FR] Candlekeep founded; calendar of Harptos begun. (c.-200 DR)


[FR] Narfell and Raumather destroyed in “The Great Conflagration” (-150 DR)


[DL] Foundation of Istar (1100-800)


[KT] Ascension of Mori, first emperor of the Kozakuran people (-73 DR)


[DL] Huma defeats Takhisis (1020-1018 PC)


[FR] Standing Stone erected (1 DR)

[FR] Empire of Shoon in Calimshan (1 DR)


[FR] Founding of Cormyr by Obarskyr family (26 DR)


[KT] Invasion of the Horse Barbarians (80 DR)


[SJ-TS] The arrival of the Neogi- a former Syllix client race, after centuries of quiet they appear as a sudden menace. Their first strike was in Realmspace, on what is now Garden. Of the 600 people living there, about 200 were killed, and another 200 taken prisoner. Few people gave the incident much thought, but within thirty years it became clear that the neogi were here to stay, and that they were an enemy.


[PS] The Revered Queen, Vlaakith CLVII ascends to the throne of the githyanki in the fortress of Tu’narath. She becomes a lich, and therefore cannot sire heirs.


[FR] Elminster is born (212 DR)


[SJ-TS] Athasspace: The closing of the sphere.- In an event that was probably for the best, some of the Defiler kings, who had seized control of portions of Athas, sealed the crystal sphere from the inside. It would appear that this was done to prevent people from escaping, including opposing Defilers.


[AQ] The Empire of Kadar is founded by the Geomancers on the Nogaro River (241 DR)


[FR] Myth Drannor founded (261 DR)

[FR] Elven and human mages devise spells needed to sail the skies in this year, and new skyships are seen in Faerun–the first such craft outside of Halruua since the fall of Netheril.(261 DR)


[GH] Beginning of Baklunish-Suloise Wars (c -485 CY)


[AQ] The Empire of Nog is founded by a rival faction of the Geomancers in the upper reaches of Nogaro River. (320 DR)


[GH] Oerid invasions beyond western mountains commence (-458)


[GW] The City of Manifest is established


[SJ-TS] Solaris: Start of the Magic Wars- Two opposing factions of the Nimar (a group of very powerful mages) on the planet of Cartania entered a state of total war, and eventually the entire sphere was pulled into the fray.


[PS] The Arcane sell the Astromundi Cluster to the tanar’ri, and begin collecting shadowstone to power the Darkgate.


[PS] Vartus Timlin, factol of the Expansionists, is Mazed by the Lady of Pain after 12 factols congreate in the Catacombs near the portal to the Dabus’ realm.

4,036 to 4,647

[SJ-TS] The Years of Blight (The First Inhuman War) – Technically, this period can be included with the First Inhuman War, but is distinct enough to warrant specific attention. During this period, the various humanoid races begin to travel around the known spheres making their living at raping, pillaging, and looting. Most of the attacks were isolated, but they were consistent enough that any nation with a spelljamming fleet had a standing guard ready to engage them.

The humanoids worked in all of the spheres of the old Chiten Empire. The only noteworthy exception was Solaris, where the increased local spelljamming activity brought on by the Magic Wars made it too difficult to slip in and out without a problem. Of all the races in the spheres to take action against the humanoids, only the elves had an organized plan for dealing with them.


[PS] The Planewalker’s Guild is formed in Sigil, established before most of the Factions that survive the Great Upheaval.


[PS] The Fraternity of Order is organized into a Faction.


[SJ-TS] Arrival of new races.- Several new spacefaring races begin to appear. Among them were the Grommam, Hadozee, and Giff. Also at about this time, Krynnish Gnomes begin to travel the known spheres, eager to assist against the humanoids.


[KT] The Way of Enlightenment is introduced to Kozakura (389 DR )


[GW] Duergerth Invaders


[FR] Shoon Empire collapses (c.450 DR) 4178

[SJ] Shurius Shambrath defeats Gerion Firebrand and becomes the ruler of Thesalys and all Greatspace, ushering in that sphere’s “Time of Unity”. The “Time of Unity” continues today under the rule of House Shambrath.


[SJ-TS] Creation of the Batship in a crystal sphere far beyond the Trullian Ring.


[SJ-TS] Solaris: Close of the Magic Wars- Cartania’s Magic Wars, which had raged without a pause for almost two hundred years, came to an abrupt end when the last of the Black Nimar were banished to the icy moon of Dirax. This should have set things back to normal, but the various kingdoms had decided they had had their fill of magic and the Nimar, and chased them to the farthest reaches of the planet. A year later, the few remaining Nimar somehow summoned a Smalljammer (how they did this has never been explained), which landed and carried them off, never to return. Shortly thereafter, Cartania was sealed inside a magical bubble which prevented any spelljamming vessel from entering or leaving.

This act effectively ended spelljamming in Solaris, even though ships still visited the other worlds of the sphere. With the main world inaccessible, no one, including the elves, considered Solaris to be worth the effort, and the sphere became a backwater.


[GH] Founding of the Kingdom of Aerdy (-217 CY )


[SJ] The Illithids have an outpost on the asteroid which will become the Rock of Bral.


[GW] The City of Manifest is Rebuilt


[KT] The Zakura Insurrection allows the Honda control of the imperial court in Koazakura. (639 DR)


[PS] The first records of the Revolutionary League are made by Factol Jaretta of the Fraternity of Order.


[GW] The Manifest Accord is Formed


[FR] Myth Drannor falls (714 DR)


[PS] The Great Upheaval -The 49 factions are ordered by the Lady to number no more than 15, and must take up positions in governing the city of Sigil. Within 2 weeks, 34 factions disband, merge, or vacate Sigil. The Sodkillers and Sons of Mercy merge to become the Mercykillers. Free League memberships swells ot almost 1 million registered members.


[FR] Founding of the Harpers (720 DR)

[AQ] Huzuz, City of Delights, is founded on the shore between Suq Bay and the Golden Gulf. The ruined house of the Loregiver stands near this spot. (720 DR)


[DL] Istar installs Kingpriest (280 PC)


[GW] The Dead War


[PS] The Doomguard start a street war while the factions are struggling for direction.


[PS] Members of the swollen Free League ranks begin to simply die.


[FR] Flostren’s Hold renamed Zhentil Keep (753 DR)


[DL] Elves withdraw into isolation (250-100 PC)


[PS] Membership in the Free League dwindles down to 20.000 by a plague that only affected Indeps.


[AQ] Ahmad al-Assad, a young man of the House of Asad, finds the scrolls containing the Law of the Loregiver. He becomes the First Grand Caliph. (775 DR)


[AQ] A young man, Jafar al-Samal, becomes the first sha’ir. (821 DR)


[AQ] The Geomancers ruling over Kadar and Nog are toppled by the farisan of the Enlightened gods (836 DR)


[PS] The Harmonium is founded on the prime world of Ortho. They will eventually come to Sigil and replace the Communals as a true Faction.


[PS] Duke Rowan escapes the Lady of Pain’s Mazes to find himself in the past in the Gatehouse. The Bleak Cabal imprison him as a barmy and rename him Gifad.


[SJ-TS] Solaris: Breaking of Cartania’s bubble shield.Earthquakes destroy one of the focal points of the shield around Cartaina. After twenty years, the shell was essentially gone, and within a decade spelljamming had resumed on a low scale. It would steadily increase during the next century.


[FR] Ascalhorn falls and becomes known as Hellgate Keep. (882 DR)


[DL] Proclamation of Manifest Virtue by King-Priest of Istar (118 PC)


[GH] Foundation of Viceroyalty of Furyondy (100 CY)


[SJ] The sun of Vodonispace goes supernova. Vulkaran establishes himself as Vodoni Emperor.


[FR] Sembia founded/united under the Raven Banner (913 DR)

[SJ-TS] Charter of the Imperial Elven Navy. – Based at Evermeet on Toril, the various elven nations of the known spheres devised a long-range plan for dealing with the humanoids. The various spacefleets of the elves would maintain constant patrols around important worlds, and deal with the humanoids whenever then arrived. This became the basis for the Imperial Elven Navy, which exists to this day. It started out as an highly organized militia force as opposed to a unified navy, however. That would come later.

[SJ-TS] The Battle of Greela.-In response to the increasingly organized humanoid fleets, the elves begin to take the offensive. At first the battles were isolated and short, but very bloody. The first true fleet to fleet battle between the Imperial Elven Navy and the humanoids was in Greyspace, near Greela, an elven stronghold. The Battle of Greela is considered the start of the First Inhuman War by most historians, even though the conflict had been in progress for over a century by the time the battle took place. Within two years of Greela, humanoid and elf fleet to fleet battles, and battles between ground troops became very common in most of the known spheres.


[FR] Battle of Thazalhar; Red Wizards secure their independence from Mulhorand (922 DR)


[AQ] Proclamation of Equality grants equal rights to all sentient races of Zakhara. (935 DR)


[PS] The Demiplane of Dread appears in the Ethereal Plane (Year 351). Zapan joins the Dark Eight taking the council’s Immortal Relations duties.


[PS] The Planewalker’s Guild leaves Sigil and sets up operation on the Infinite Staircase.


[SJ] Battle of Kule in Greyspace. First major event of the First Unhuman War.


[SJ] A small dwarven clan inhabits the astroid which will become the Rock of Bral.


[SJ/TS] Greyspace: The Destruction of Borka- Most of the decisive battles of the First Inhuman War were fought in Greyspace and Realmspace. Borka, in Greyspace, was one of the humanoid’s major command centers, and when the elves couldn’t gather the troops to conquer it, they destroyed it. A temporal planar rift was created below the surface of the planet, which tore in apart. This was the beginning of the end for the humanoids, who were never able to recover from this defeat.


[DL] The Cataclysm (0 PC)


[SJ-TS] First major dealings with the Dohwar- The Dohwar claim to have originated in Herdspace, and shortly after entering space become well known as merchants whose business terms tend to be somewhat shady, and goods questionable.


[SJ] T’Laan born in Realmspace.

[GW] People return to Manifest, Khardon Court formed.


[GH] Kingdom of Furyondy declared with crowning of Thrommel I. Veluna, Perrenland and Tenh follow in declaring independence. (254 CY)


[GW] Yisa-Komas and Piran Sedestadel formed


[SJ-TS] Cult of Ptah forced underground.- The Cult of Ptah, famous for their barge ships, was scattered around the known spheres at about this time, and lost any vestige of the organized group that it once was. Many historians have called the Cult the “Ghost of the Al’Malamut Empire.” For a long time the Cult used to talk about the glory of the old empire, and often promised to rebuild it. If they had any serious plans of doing so, they were crushed due to a combination of in-fighting and external opposition.

Today the cult is becoming a major player again. Since abandoning the Al’Malamut credo (after a revolt in Holy Creche), the cult has been turning its attention to missionary work and scholarship. They may have an ulterior motive, but if they do they have not revealed it yet.


[DL] The Dwarfgate War (39 AC)


[PS] Zaebos takes his place among the Dark Eight in charge of promotion/demotions.


[PS] Orcus curses the city of Moil on the prime world of Ranais to sleep until the sun rises, the rips the city from it world and casts it into the Ethereal to become the City that Waits.


[GW] The Demon Fever Plague


[KT] Two twins, Shin Lu and Shin Gisen, fight over the Shou succession. The nations ends divided as Tu Lung is formed from Shin Ginsen’s provinces (1062-1067 DR)


[SJ/TS] Radolespace: End of the First Inhuman War (Battle of Armistice)-After the destruction of Borka, the elves fought a series of quick campaigns to trap the humanoids on the surfaces of planets. Sadly, they did tear some other planets apart. The last major fleet to fleet battle was above the ice planet of Armistice in Radolespace, which ended in a decisive victory for the elves. In the treaty that followed, the humanoids were forced to the planet’s surface, and their ships destroyed. This event left the elves the dominant race in the known spheres.


[GW] The Day of Xaphan and The Liche War


[GH] Kingdom of Nyrond established, Kingdom of Keoland at peak; Urnst, Theocracy of Pale become independent.

4,824 to 4,974

[SJ-TS] The Insectare War- After a brief lull, conflict resumed when the Insectare tried to seize control of the elven navy, and the worlds it protected. It was later determined that the insectare were planted by the Neogi. During the Inhuman War, the neogi had been silent, apparently allowing one of the major groups to be victorious. Since the elves won, the neogi sought to eliminate their only remaining rival. The plot, thought well planned, was foiled. The elven navy eventually purged itself by killing not only every insectare in its ranks, but any elf who freely associated with them. Over 10,000 elves were killed, the few remaining insectare went into hiding, and the neogi were on the run.


[SJ-TS] Realmspace: First dealings with the K’r’r’r- In the vicinity of The Garden, a group of travellers encountered what came to be known as the K’r’r’r Unity Fleets. The strange, spider-like creatures were verbally aggressive, with talk of sending all groundlings back where they belong. This hostile reception did not involve any blows. To date, the K’r’r’r are a minor threat wherever they occur, and from time to time they have threatened some small worlds.


[SJ] The vampire T’Laan conquers Darkspace.


[SJ-TS] Plague of the Clockwork Horrors.- During this year, some of the worlds on the known spheres were plagued by Clockwork Horrors. Even worlds that had no active spelljamming were affected, so how they managed to reach so many worlds has never been adequately explained.

[SJ-TS] Realmspace: Arrival of the Batship. – The Batship, for reasons that have never been fully explained, settled in Realmspace at about this time. It is known to have traveled through Krynspace at one point, apparently before settling here. At first, the strange ship was seen in the vicinity of Garden, but soon moved closer to the sun. Today, it travels a random path between Toril, Anadia, and Colair, apparently resting in the Tears of Selune.


[AQ] Grand Caliph Anwar ascends the throne and starts sponsoring the exploration of faraway lands, even those beyond Toril(spelljamming). (1176 DR)


[Maztica] Tenoch II, a great-grandson of Tenoch I, is crowned the sixth Revered Counselor of Nexal (c.1190 DR)


[SJ] The pirate Bral establishes his base on the asteroid which would later bear his name.


[PS] The Ragers, a sect from Ysgard, begins building the Great Areana to becoma a faction, but are soon kicked out of Sigil. Groups once known as Xaosophiles, the Discordant Opposition, and the Ochlocrats became the Xaositects, replacing the Incanterium as a true Faction.


[SJ-TS] Krynnspace: The battle of Krynn- This battle is famous for who fought in it: The Spelljammer and a Neogi flotilla. It has been suggested that the Neogi were planning to conquer Krynn, or at least a large portion of it, but the Spelljammer intervened. The battle was furious, and the Spelljammer was eventually destroyed. However, the Neogi were badly decimated as a result of the fight, and were unable to launch their planned assault. As an aside, the Spelljammer was sighted a year later in Greyspace, proving that the great ship does somehow “regenerate.”


[PS] Haskar become Factol of the Fraternity of Order, replacing Lariset the Inescapeable.


[GH] Founding of Iron League; Ivid I ascends Malachite Throne in the Great Kingdom (446 CY)


[FR] First recorded use of Bombards by Lantan (1246 DR)


[PS] The halfling hero Rangell Farambler diverts a flank of the Modron March from the power Shella Peryroyl’s blessed orchards. The modrons sign an agreement to forever follow the established roads in Hearths Faith on Mount Celestia.


[GH] Might of Iuz grows. (479 CY)


[SJ-TS] Solaris: The Second Elven Civil War – EIN forces come into conflict with Solaran Elves to the detriment of both leaving the human Muldravian Empire as the dominant spelljamming power in the sphere.


[FR] Manshoon founds the Zhentarim (1261 DR)


[SJ] Cozar founds the Royal House of Bral.


[SJ-TS] Arcane in the Radiant Triangle- By the year, the Arcane had several establishments and business operations in the Radiant Triangle. Since they had a firm commercial hold on the Pentiacate, they decided to expand. Despite their aggressive marketing tactics, only individuals took interest in spelljamming, and no large nations: the ones who would make high yield, bulk orders. The only notable exception to this was Shou Lung on Toril, who would have an active spelljamming fleet within the decade.


[GH] County of Urnst becomes Palatinate under Duchy of Urnst; Greyhawk becomes a Free City. (498 CY)


[GH] Imprisonment of Iuz beneath the Castle Greyhawk (507 CY)


[GH] Rise of Horned Society; Humanoids take Pomarj. (513 CY)


[SJ-TS] First contact with the Dracon- The Dracon, or dragon centaurs, first appeared in remote sections of the known spheres at about this time.


[FR] Spelljamming contact begun with some portions of Toril (1300 DR)


[SJ-TS] First verified contact with the Scro.- In a number of spheres, human and demi human travelers noted the appearance of the orc-like Scro claiming to be the “next rulers” of space, the successor to the old humanoid fleets.

[PS] The Hall of Speakers pass a tax meant to relieve the starvation in the Hive. Barely a month passes before protests are filed. The tax is repealed in less than six months.


[SJ-TS] First confirmed sightings of Mindspiders- The Neogi, who had been very quiet for several decades, made their presence known again by revealing their newest ship: the Mindspider. These small, lithe ships proved to be very dangerous, even more so than the Deathspiders, which had for long been the mainstay of the neogi Alliance. Today, the Mindspider is one of the most feared ships in space, and the most common reaction is to either attack them on sight, or flee. There are rumors of a new, dual-helmed neogi ship, but to date no one has confirmed this.


[SJ] Frun becomes Prince of Bral.


[PS] Rit’ha of the Fraternity of Order travels to the Quasielemental Plane of Steam and successfully communicates with the elusive klyndesi.


[GW] The Defeat of the Yuan-Ti


[FR] Azoun IV takes throne of Cormyr (1336 DR)

[KT] Matasuuri Nagahide becomes the new shogun of Wa. Foreign traders are ordered to leave the country. Unauthorized interaction with foreigners is declared illiegal. (1336 DR)


[PS] The Grand Conjunction takes place in the Demiplane of Dread (Their years 735 to 740)

[KT] The Eighth Emperor Chin announces the “Gathering of Pearls” as a goal of his reign. Plans are set in motion to recover lost artifacts and books. Contacts with Wa and Kozakura are expanded. (1339 DR)


[PS] Alisohn Nilesia applys for membership in the Red Death at age 8. Factol Mallin himself refuses her application.

[AQ] Khalil al-Assad al-Zahir ascends the Enlightened Throne (1340 DR)


[SJ] T’Laan arrives in Greatspace.


[PS] Alisohn Nilesia becomes the youngest Mercykiller ever, joining the ranks of the Red Death at age 11. The Time of Troubles takes place on the prime world of Toril, as her powers walk the lands


[DL] Draconians created. (342 AC)

[PS] Orcus, tanar’ri lord of the undead, is slain by primes with the help of Kiaransalee, a drow goddess. Orcus’ Wand is locked away in Agathion, the fourth layer of Pandemonium.


[SJ] T’Laan becomes an advisor to Gorath of House Shambrath and slowly takes control of Greatspace.


[FR] “Ten Black days of Eleint” ; Tethryian civil war begins (1347 DR)

[SJ] Andru becomes Prince of Bral.


[KT] The Battle of Norinoshima ends the Hojo War of Kozakura with the defeat of the Hojo forces. (1348 DR)

[KT] The Ministry of Glorious Flight is established in Shou Lung. (1348 DR)

[PJ] The Lightbringers expel T’Laan from Greatspace.

[SJ-TS] The Geonomicon- It was discovered that most “definitive” works on space were out of date. The Geonomicon was commissioned by the Seekers in an attempt to change this.

[PS] In an effort to establish herself as the next royal bloodline, Trinth leads the Githyanki of the Astral Plane to discover a way to safely breaches the Gray and invades Athas. She is killed on the Astral, and the portal collapses


[GH] Bone March taken by humanoids (563 CY)


[GH] Iuz freed from captivity. (570 CY)

[Maztica] Naltecona ascends to the throne of Nexal (1350 DR)

5,033 – Present Day (Letters of Marque Campaign Begins)

Original Compilation of Cannon Events and Dates by Paul Westermeyer , Addition of events from Athas, Mystara, Ravenloft, Planescape and “The Planejammer Macroverse,” by Loki . Adjustments to original research works neccessary to reconcile them with Planejammer continuity also made by Loki.

Unified Multiversal Timeline

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