Theridons Impossible Mace

Theridon’s Impossible Mace*
Light Mace +2
Damage 1d6
Critical 20/x2
Dam Type B
Aura Moderate conjuration; CL 6th

When swung, this weapon is surrounded by ghostly versions of itself, playing out alternative outcomes to every cut and thrust.

Afterimages and unrealized possibilities surround it, allowing you to strike with not one solid blow but many possible ones. You may activate or deactivate the properties of this weapon as a swift action.

When rolling to hit, you roll twice and may select either result. If you hit however, damage is halved as some of the damage done occurs in other realities. Attempts to sunder or disarm the weapon while it is active have a 20% miss chance as do your own attempts to sunder or disarm with it.

Theridons Impossible Mace

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