The New Hive (Tears of Selune)

LN Small city
Corruption – 1; Crime + 1; Economy + 3; Law + 2; Lore + 6; Society + 0
Qualities academic, counterculture movement, financial, magically attuned
Danger + 5

Government Magical
Population 8,000 (50% Xixchil, 10% Thri Kreen, 10% Drommites, 5% Rastipedes, 5% Trox, 5% Human, 5% Elves, 10% misc)

Notable NPCs
Helix The Surgeon (NB Xixchil Sorceror (Starsoul) )
Kattar, Consort to the Queen (M Xixhil Psychic Warrior)
Memory (F Android Bard (Studious Librarian))
Riva Terellin, EIN Envoy (F Elf Fighter (Relic Master))
Ta Nyet, Heir to the Queen (F Xixchil Wizard)
Zata Quien, Leader of the Opposition (NB Xixchil Psion)
Zizk The Voice (F Drommite, Occultist)

Base Value 6,000 gp; Purchase Limit 42,500 gp; Spellcasting 9th
Minor Items 4d4; Medium Items 3d4; Major Items 1d6

Founded by Shintak Taj Pach using resources gained as part of House Seven Stars and originally populated by Xixchil from Nest Greek Fire in the God’s Marbles asteroid cluster of Spiralspace.

Primus (asteroid)
The main settlement and center of research
Secundus (asteroid)
Fungus farms, boutique micro ecosystems
Tertius (asteroid)
Weapons and ship (Xactean) development, restricted access
The Pod (asteroid)
Family only private chambers and labs for Taj, Kattar, and Ta Nyet
The Vault
Private demiplane created by Taj Pach and accessible through a portal in The Pod

Order of the Scalpel

Body modification experts
Order of the Inner Light
Oder of psionic manifesters and soulknives
The Blue Talons
Devotees of chaos and subversion, often for it’s own sake.
The Hiveless
The non insectile members of the population


After being away for over two years the Queen has returned and immediately put the hive and House Seven Stars on notice to offer sanctuary to any chronomancers. Something big is brewing…

Trouble at Stardock?
Githyanki emmisaries have been coming and going recently, and have been seen with both Kattar and Ta Nyet. Is something up at Stardock?

The New Hive (Tears of Selune)

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