The Needle

Xixchil Scalpel
Huge space vehicle
Squares 10 (10 ft. by 25 ft.); Cost gp

AC 2; Hardness 10 Metal
hp 200 (100)
Base Save + 1

Maximum Speed ft.; Acceleration 3TR
CMB + 2; CMD 12
Ramming Damage 2d8 + 5d8 scalpels

Propulsion As Helm
Driving Check Pilot Spelljammer
Forward Facing the ship’s forward
Driving Device * Helm
*Driving Space
the nine squares around the helm that sits at the front of the bridge
Crew 2
Passengers 3
Decks 1
Weapons light ballista, 5 scalpels (small piercing rams)
Mods Covered’ Living Ship

The Needle

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