The Laughing Beholder


The Laughing Beholder is owned’ by none other than Large Luigi, the famous beholder and tavern keeper. Luigi is an extremely wise and knowledgeable beholder who is one of the very few members of his race to understand the beholder destiny to learn and to teach. Luigi is a civic minded and well-liked citizen of Bral, and spends most of his time listening to the rumors of far spheres and great adventures.

Luigi is more than happy to share information with anyone who cares to seek the answers from him, but he has an infuriating tendency to withhold vital knowledge. He cannot reveal knowledge that would upset the balance of the cosmos and on many occasions that could depend on something as simple as an adventurer knowing where to find a fabled ruin or a reclusive hermit. All he asks in return is a story or song for his many patrons.

The Laughing Beholder is rarely troubled by bullies or hoodlums. Large Luigi’s powerful magical abilities quickly put an end to trouble virtually before it starts.

This is where Vedis Valentine worked for years as the head tavern wench before she became an adventurer.

The Laughing Beholder

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