The Infernal Contraption

The Infernal Contraption, Gnomish Sidewheeler [Active Service?]

Taken from an extraspatial vortex in the Phlogiston outside the GrommSpace sphere as it was the only viable means of escape. Just before leaving the Vortex Etsuriko rechristened it “The Infernal Contraption, painting the name in Shou ideograms on the rear of the ship. Originally powered by a psihelm, it is now fitted with a major helm (the EIN took possession of the psihelm).

Gnomish Sidewheeler
Colossal space vehicle
Squares 120 (25 ft. by 120 ft.); Cost gp

AC 2; Hardness 10 Metal
hp 2400 (1200)
Base Save + 0

Maximum Speed 70 ft.; Acceleration 2 TR + 1 per Giant Space Hamster
CMB +8; CMD 18
Ramming Damage 2d8

Propulsion As Helm
Driving Check Pilot Spelljammer
Forward Facing the ship’s forward
Driving Device Helm and Giant Space Hamster Wheels
Driving Space the nine squares around the helm that sits at the front of the bridge
Crew 20
Passengers 10
Decks 1 – 3
Weapons variable
Mods variable, at least two

Named Examples: House Seven Stars – The Infernal Contraption

The Infernal Contraption

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