The Hellenic Bathhouse

The Hellenic offers private rooms for those wishing a more individual experience, or for meetings when one wishes to impress. These rooms run for 50 gold a night, and include wine, servents, and priavate baths.

The best bathhouse on Bral, and the one most renowned for both gossip and naughty fun is the Hellenic. The Hellenic is on Park Street, near the corner of Grand Street, facing the Festival Grounds (in the most fashionable and expensive section of the Middle City, very near the High city).

It’s in style much like the Roman baths, with seperate bathing facilities for men and women, but a central steam room which is set up coed. Towels are technically required, but ‘flashing’ is a common form of flirtation in the steam room. Admission is a platinum piece, which includes snacks, towels, and a locked storage bin for clothing. For an additional fee massages, hair dressing, and other services can be provided.

The men’s and ladies wings are identical in layout. Each contains a Caldarium (Hot Bath), Tepidarium (Warm Bath), Frigidarium (Cold Bath), and Natatio (Swimming Pool).

The Hellenic is owned by an elegant grand dame called Lysistrata, who built the place with funds from an unknown source. She seems to steer a middle course between Bral’s various factions, so that the Hellenic has a reputation as neutral ground. In case the reputation isn’t enough, she keeps a dozen armed guards and a spellcaster or two on staff.

The Hellenic Bathhouse

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