The Harrowing

Planar Traits
Ageless: Time itself passes normally here, but creatures in te Harrowed realm do not age, though they must eat, drink, and sleep normally.
Self Contained Shape: The Harrowed realm’s falt expanse stretches roughly 80 miles across, but wraps back in on itself at the furthest edges.
Mildly Neutral Aligned
Limited Magic: Spells that transport a character to another plane, such as ethereal jaunt, plane shift, or shadow walk, only function if the caster succeeds at a DC 30 caster level chcek. Spells of the conjuration (summoning) subschool only function if the caster succeeds at a DC 20 caster level check. A failed spell produces no effect, and still expends a spell slot.

…And so the charming Sonnorae braved crumbling towers in this age of endless night, gobbling up tales and tomes lest they be forever lost. Then into her secret hold she’d wend, to keep them safe forever more. But careless was charming Sonnorae, and once behind her, the door did close. Trapped forever and a day, she stumbled into the darkness of madness and genius and back again, finally taking her beloved tales and whittling mouths so they might speak and legs that they might walk. But beings of ink, not flesh, were they, half-formed and filled with hate… —Excerpt from Varisian folk tale

In the Age of Darkness, the Varisian scribes and storytellers of the Imlios family hoarded knowledge while civilization struggled for its very survival. Over the harsh centuries, their line dwindled to a single childless bard: Sonnorae. Fearing her family’s knowledge would be lost with her inevitable death, she sheared off a corner of the malleable Dimension of Dreams and crafted her own demiplane in which she could store the greatest tales of her people, anchoring this extraplanar archive to her ancestral harrow deck; she named the demiplane the Harrowed Realm.

Sonnorae, in her old age, retreated into the Harrowed Realm, where she hoped to live forever with her treasured tales. Over time, the stories she collected took on physical form, but these creatures were trapped within the constraints of their individual stories, ever repeating the
same actions, and struggling to reach the same goals. Sonnorae’s tales ached to be as real as their creator. The most powerful among them conspired to overthrow the bard, murdering her and devouring her body. These eight Conspirators gained power and free will through their betrayal, but remained too insubstantial to leave the Harrowed Realm; instead they became its mad rulers. The blue dragon Zassrion seized Sonnorae’s impregnable castle and with it the Harrowed Realm’s only connection to the real world.

Unable to leave his home plane, the dragon instead exerted his influence over mortals handling the very harrow deck to which the Realm was tethered—the Deck of Harrowed Tales. Zassrion corrupted the deck’s mortal wielders and drew countless humanoids into the Harrowed Realm, grafting their bodies onto his own in hopes of becoming real and escaping into Golarion.

The current carrier of the Deck of Harrowed Tales is Kenari Sanura of The Spelljoined. Having defeated Zassrion they are now the overall rulers of the demiplane, although many of the storykin are less than trustworthy. I the two years since their escape she has become skilled at using the deck to access The Harrowing and they have slowly eradicated many of the problem influences.

The Harrowing

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