The Harrowing

The Legend of Sonnorae
The Midnight Circus
The Dock
The Garden Paths
Destroyed Manmolds
The Prophet’s Garden
The Sanguine Playhouse
Smith’s Caldera
The Developing Dearth
New Geldaneth
The Striding Fortress
Elliwinkle’s Memorial

Planar Traits
Time itself passes normally here, but creatures in te Harrowed realm do not age, though they must eat, drink, and sleep normally.
Self Contained Shape: The Harrowed realm’s falt expanse stretches roughly 80 miles across, but wraps back in on itself at the furthest edges.
Mildly Neutral Aligned
Limited Magic: Spells that transport a character to another plane, such as ethereal jaunt, plane shift, or shadow walk, only function if the caster succeeds at a DC 30 caster level check. Spells of the conjuration (summoning) subschool only function if the caster succeeds at a DC 20 caster level check. A failed spell produces no effect, and still expends a spell slot.

The current rulers of The Harrowing are original Spelljoined crew Vedis, Kenari, Lenata, and Ef Utan, along with relative newcomers Word of Wisdom and Melchior. The current carrier of the Deck of Harrowed Tales is Kenari Sanura. Having defeated Zassrion, the storykin dragon, they are now the absolute rulers of the demiplane, although some of the storykin are less than trustworthy. In the two years since their escape, Kenari has become skilled at using the deck to access The Harrowing.

The Spelljoined Regime

  • With Lenata in the lead, they have hunted down and laid to rest the angry spirits and undead of Demons Fen, converting it into a dock for The Nomad.
  • They have restored the sanctity of the Prophet’s Garden and driven out the haunts.
  • Many of the crew and followers have chosen to settle here, becoming the dominant population.
  • Storykin are still present, but with the queen dead and the manmolds destroyed there will be no new ones.
  • The controls for the demiplane are located in Smith’s Caldera and the new rules are now practiced in using them.
  • Bramblesom, the rabbit king, is released into the prime material plane and the Bramble is restored to its original state as the roadways of the demiplane. (He owes you a favor.)

The Harrowing

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