The Free City of Greyhawk

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Great Library of Greyhawk
The Broken Staff
The Greyhawk School of Psionics
Maldin and Elenderi’s
The Silver Garter

The Free City of Greyhawk
CN metropolis
Corruption +2; Crime +6; Economy +6; Law +1; Lore +4; Society +8
Qualities Academic, Holy Site, Magically Attuned, Notorious, Prosperous, Tourist Attraction
Danger +20; Disadvantages none

Government Council – The Lord Mayor and The Directing Oligarchy
Population 69,500 ( )
Notable NPCs
Lord Mayor, Nerof Gasgal
Chief judge of Greyhawk, Sir Anton Palmirian
Constable Derider Fanshen
Gruenab Hill Giant, Owner of The Whistling Fish
Ricard Damaris operates the Green Dragon Inn
Tigran Gellner, Captain- General of the City Watch
Jawal Severnain, Librarian at the Guild of Wizardry
Darnak Khorshkan, head porter for the guild of wizardry
Talasek Thraydin, paladin of St. Cuthbert
Wasim Qharallah’s Golden Scimitar Baklunish Mercenary Group, Guards the Foreign Quarter
Major Priests
Ravel Dasinder, Patricarch of Boccob
Sarana, High Matricarch of Pelor
Jerome Kazinskaia, Patricarch of Rao
Jazinduur, Head of the Temple of Trithereon
Adari Farwander, Head of the Temple of Fharlanghn
Jaikor Demien, Head of the Temple of Heironeous
Mathilde Dessenter, Head of the Temple of Istus
Parlane Agutter, Head of the Temple of Norebo
Shalm Furrikan, Head of the Temple of Olidammara
Arkandy Benris, Head of theTemple of Pholtus
Arvanter Kuleris, Head of the Temple of Procan
Barris Bechetir, Head of the Temple of Ralishaz
Eritai Kaan-Ipzirel, Head of the Temple of St. Cuthbert
Guldan Rockflint, Head of the Temple of Ulaa
Talrand Quehris, Head of the Temple of Xerbo
Stakaster Villaine, Head of the Temple of Zilchus
Count Reichart Petrides, Ambassador from the Dutchy of Urnst
Fioranna Aielestriel, Ambassador from Nyrond
Aaron Strachan, Ambassador from Furyondy

Base Value 33,600 gp; Purchase Limit 220,000gp; Spellcasting Epic
Minor Items All; Medium Items 4d4; Major Items 3d4

Greyhawk, named for the small grey hawks which populate the region, was originally a trading outpost on the Selintan River specializing in local wood and woven garments. In time the town developed strong textile and meat-packing industries. Eventually, Greyhawk came to be ruled by a warlord, who took the title “Lansgraf of the Selintan”. His son was then married to the Gynarch of Hardby’s daughter. The nuptials formalized a political alliance that served as the basis for rule over the Lanstadt of Selintan, an area that eventually became known as the Domain of Greyhawk.

In 4 CY, Greyhawk came under the domination of the Great Kingdom of Aerdy and remained so while strong Overkings ruled from the Malachite Throne in Rauxes. By the third century CY, the Great Kingdom’s influence over the city began to wane as the Overkings fell into evil ways and their hold on distant provinces became increasingly tenuous.

Rise to prominence, decline and recovery

Circa 310 CY, the mage Zagig Yragerne emerged from the Wild Coast and bribed his way into a seat on the Directing Oligarchy. Soon after, the Oligarchs elected Zagig Lord Mayor.

Greyhawk subsequently rose in fame and prominence under the leadership of Lord Mayor Zagig. He instituted legal reform, developed a new currency, fortified the walls, founded the city’s first university and embarked on a major building program. Most notably, he directed the construction of nearby Castle Greyhawk.6

Although Zagig—later known as Zagyg—became increasingly erratic over time, his rule is generally considered to be the most effective in the Free City’s history and brought widespread prosperity to the region. Much to the annoyance of Dyvers and other rival cities, Zagig proclaimed Greyhawk to be the “Gem of the Flanaess,” and did much to ensure this moniker was justified. Unfortunately, the “Mad Archmage” suddenly disappeared in 421 CY, leaving no clues regarding his whereabouts, and no heir to inherit the title of Lansgraf.

In 498 CY, after decades of Zagig’s absence, the Lanstadt was therefore abolished, the title of Lansgraf permanently retired, and the Free City’s Directing Oligarchy assumed political authority. The new Lord Mayor Paerinn officially proclaimed Greyhawk a free city, though it had been effectively independent of the Great Kingdom’s rule for over a century.

Soon thereafter, the city lost its claim over Hardby and the Wild Coast, as the leading women of Hardby broke from Greyhawk and established the ruling office of Despotrix. This loss of lands sent the Free City into economic decline, a situation that persisted for several decades. Fortunately, the discovery of treasure in the dungeons beneath Castle Greyhawk and other nearby locales set off a gold rush of sorts, and Greyhawk’s economic fortunes recovered substantially in the second half of the sixth century.


The Free City of Greyhawk

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