The Fist of Emirkol

FistofEmirikolIlo_med.jpgWhen hurled at a target, as a ranged touch attack, one of the powers of the Fist of Emirikol is randomly activated, affecting the target on a successful hit. The Fist functions only once a day, and disintegrates immediately after activation, reforming the following day inside a pouch or small bag carried by its current owner.

All Effects: Strong (all schools); CL 20th; Weight 1 lb

Roll The Fist of Emirkol

Whether originally created by Emirikol the Chaotic or not, this potent magical weapon was wielded by the infamous spellcaster to such terrible effect that it remains irrevocably linked with his name.

This multifaceted “ball” appears to have been carved from a solid piece of bone or horn taken from an unidentified type of creature. Upon each of its twenty faces is engraved a different sigil, each conferring some offensive magical effect.

By Andy Collins and Mat Smith

The Fist of Emirkol

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