The Dwarven Prescence

Dwarves On Bral

Dwarven District of Bral
The Dwarven District of Bral is unlike the other barrios on the Rock, in that the streets are often crowded with non-dwarves moving among the smithies and weaponshops in search of the right sword or shield. The dwarves deal with most troublemakers themselves, rarely if ever calling on the Magistrate’s guard.

The dwarves within the district come from a wide variety of different spheres and worlds, and are more then willing to help other dwarves overwhelmed by the expanse of wildspace.

Dwarves have a strong presence on the Rock, dating even before the founding of the modern port by Cozar. Dwarven ruins on Bral date back four centuries, though the name of the clan which delved here is unknown. They left in a great hurry, food still on the table and fires unbanked on the forge. The clan has been estimated at two hundred dwarves, and their disappearence is a great mystery in the history of the sphere.

The modern dwarven presence on the Rock is divided between a noble house, a merchant house, a mercenary company, and the large dwarven residential district. Most dwarves on the Rock are transient, staying in the city only long enough to get a new berth or other opportunity. Dwarven citizens of Bral are nearly all associated with one of the four dwarven groups. Since these groups are very cooperative with each other, the dwarven community has a great deal of unity. This results in more influence on Bralian politics then the dwarves’ numbers might otherwise suggest.

The majority of the dwarves on the Rock are not native to the sphere, and even those who are usually have ancestors who [recently] migrated here. As a result Bral’s dwarven minority does not always have good relations with the sphere’s native clans.

House Nobrodukk
Arkan Nobrodukk is a retired dwarven adventurer and the founder of Bral’s only dwarven noble house, a position he has held since the founding of the city. Unlike many of the other Bralian nobles, House Nobrodukk is within the dwarven district itself, Arkan owns much of the district and makes much of his fortune off the rents this brings in.

Arkan is now a whitebeard, and rarely adventures anymore though he remains a fun loving sort. He has seven sons to carry on the family name, and these seven are very active as adventurers and ship captains themselves. House Nobrodukk, and Arkan in particular, are seen as the voice of the dwarven community on Bral. Arkan’s pronouncements are taken very seriously as a result, and its known he could seriously harm any of the other nobles by calling for a dwarven boycott of their buisiness. He has only done this once, during the reign of Prince Frun. That particular noble family had been caught transporting dwarven slaves, and did not survive a year after the boycott.

House Zudrik
This Bralian merchant house mines asteroids throughout the sphere and is led by its founder, Mordereggan Zudrik. Zudrik is a scarred dwarven veteran who hasn’t made his past public. His company hires dwarves and humans, and doesn’t follow the normal clan structure. Most of the dwarves in the company are adventurers and wanderers from outside of the sphere. House Zudrik seems determined to stay out of politics, and are a rarity on Bral, in that they do not have any firm alliances or rivalries.

The Dwarven Boarding Company
This company of 80-100 dwarven veterans is led by the famous dwarven warrior Threndur Icehewer. Equipped with dwarven plate, battleaxe, crossbow, and shield this is one of the most skilled mercenary forces in the sphere . Like most dwarven mercenaries, this company likes jobs which involve fighting humanoids, and refuses any jobs which might harm dwarves. Based in an office in the dwarven District of Bral, the compay’s members are spread throughout the dwarven commuinty when not on the job.

The Dwarven Prescence

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