The Dream Stone

A large cut stone diamond with multi-colored smoke swirling inside, this fabled stone supposedly gave the owner the ability to control the dreams of another, as well as the ability to make dreams manifest… as long as you could conduct the ritual correctly.

The stone and its location were purportedly found by the crew of the Gnomish ship “Spiralconstructhampster-dreadnaughtclashbang” during their top-secret experiments from Ironpiece regarding phlogiston bolts vaguely reminiscent of large matcheads.

Unfortunately the Gnomish crew and the subsequent location of the Dream Stone were lost when they were attacked and killed by 10th Pit mercenaries aboard The Frostfire.

Current theories are that the stone will be used along with the Dvati Melkot / Melkoth
to bring about the capture of the Spelljammer.

The Dream Stone

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