The Demiplane of Time

The Demiplane of Time, also called the Temporal Energy Plane and Temporal Prime, is continually in motion. It is a gray windstorm with neither a base nor a top that buffets and overturns travelers who venture within. Everything that enters the plane is tossed and ground against itself until all that remains is more dust – the sands of time carried by the winds to erode new items.

The stormy nature of the Demiplane of Time poses a physical problem, but the greater danger is in the nature of time itself. Those within the sandstorm can be carried months or years into the future, effectively exiling them from their native plane. Several Material Plane civilizations saw this plane as a convenient prison for unpopular malefactors. But some cultures survived long enough to regret it when their exiles returned centuries after their departure—and had aged only a few days.

On the edge of the demiplane, in the Ethereal, is a fortress called the Castle at the Edge of Time, built by wizard called Aionias the Sapphire Mage.

The Curtain of Vaporous Color surrounding the demiplane is translucent with shadowy shapes visible beyond.

Inhabitants include abominations called phanes and elemental-like beings called time dimensionals. Nearby in the Ethereal Plane grow plants called chronolilies. Princes of the Plane of Time consort with the goddess Istus. Other inhabitants include vortex spiders, tether beasts, temporal stalkers, temporal gliders, temporal dogs, and chronovoids. At the very top of the hierarchy are the irii, the fates and fortunes who oversee times progression.

The Demiplane of Time

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