Striders of Farlanghan

Type: Spy Ring
Scale: 9 (regional)
Goals: Protect those that travel the wilderness and prevent evil from establishing a foothold in the region.


  • Character level + 1/2 PC level
  • Worshiper of Farlanghan +1
  • 10+ ranks in Gather Information or Knowledge (local) +2
  • Member of the Pathwarden prestige class + 2
  • Has the Tracking feat + 1
  • Completes a mission for the Striders + 2*
  • Evil alignment – 4
  • Fails to protect travelers in need – 10

Titles, Affiliations & Duties:
Affiliation Score

  • 3 or less No affiliation.
  • 4-10 Watcher: The Striders recognize you as a potential ally in a fight against evil in the region.
  • 11-20 Farstrider: You are accepted as a member of the Striders of Farlanghan. You take advantage of the Strider’s training and network of contacts, receiving a +2 bonus to Knowledge (nature) and Gather Information checks. In return, you are expected to guard the pathways of the wilderness, aiding travelers in need and destroying threats to the area.
  • 21-29 Pathwarden: Your access to the Strider’s information network allows you to use your Gather Information skill throughout the region without having to physically travel to the location of your search.
  • 30+ Shadowstalker: Due to your extensive web of sources, you can re-roll a Gather Information check. You can use this ability up to 3 times/day.

Executive Powers: Raid, Research and Shadow War

By Qualidar on the Paizo Forums

Striders of Farlanghan

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