Stray Manor 2nd Floor

Second Floor


1. Formal Conference Room: There is seating for 8 at a large oak table on the dais, surrounding are 2 azure carpets, each with 2 matching easy chairs. Benches are also available for additional observers. The walls are painted in muted tones of blue, but have no decoration. There are matching entrances to the northeast and southwest. Effort has been made to make sure that 2 groups can meet here without any feelings of preferential treatment towards either.
2. Arcane Library: A trove of books, manuscripts, collected items & scrolls lives in this room on a variety of subjects: arcane theory, spell design, ritual magic, collected spellbooks & potion making, to name a few. There are 2 private study desks on the eastern wall and a group discussion table near the western.

  • 3. Divine Library:* Connected to the Arcane Library is a room devoted to being devoted. While not as large as it companion, it does hold a wealth of knowledge and a small collection of objects regarding the planes and religions of the spheres. It has 2 private study tables on the west wall and a table with 2 chairs on the eastern. The doors are locked (DC 35) due to the valuable nature of the contents of these rooms.
    4. Sitting Room: A smaller sitting room with a divan, a small table and 2 easy chairs; all resting on a soft warm rug.
    5. Music Room: Sharing double doors with the Sitting Room and containing a harpsichord and 2 padded benches; this is an intimate space for listening to music performances.
    6. Silent Room: The walls of this room are magically enhanced to not allow sound out. The most private of conversations can be held here in confidence.
    7. Psionic Library: This is the smallest of the 4 shared libraries in the manor. This room houses one of the few libraries in the multiverse dedicated to the magic of the mind. It contains almost 100 works and 15 items on the subject, though there is ample room for more. There is a quiet, comfortable reading space at the southern end of the room.
    8. Celestian Chapel: Consecrated to the wandering god, this chapel is a place of worship & contemplation. The dais has an altar, a collection of writings devoted to Celestian and a reliquary. There are benches for those who wish to join in worship here, though 2 of them are usually moved to the side. The path of Kaolin’s pacing has started to wear into the floor. Also, there are 4 small rooms for visiting clerics & priests.
    9. Combat Training Room: There are 2 padded areas for practice. One is relatively narrow and used mostly for fencing. The other is a 30’ square. On the south wall is a set of cabinets holding non-lethal versions of 100 weapons in an assortment of sizes & styles, as well as padded armor for practice. The western wall has 5 small changing rooms.
    10. Tavist’s Training Room: A rogue’s dream. There are 7 doors with practice locks and traps (ranging from DC 20 – DC50), 15 posts 10 inches wide varying in height (4’-12’), a mock roof with 3 different roofing materials, a balance beam & a “dark maze” to work on stealth. There is a secret door in the north wall (DC 30).
    11. Common Area: There is an overlook area to watch the Grand Staircase from above. The southeast & northwest corner have stairways up to the living areas of the manor. The walls of this floor are decorated by paintings, many of which, but not all, were done by Drake.

Stray Manor 2nd Floor

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