Stray Manor

Ground Floor
2nd Floor
3rd Floor
4th Floor
5th Floor

Hall Encounters
  • Campestri Herd (3-18)
  • Hildy’s Osirion Wise Eye Cats (1-4)
  • Astro (Astral Forrager)

At the interesection of Aasimon Walk and Lord’s Row in the Lady’s Ward.
  • Original deed holders Granted to Kaolin, Tavist, Ozzy, Drake, Dugan, and Etsuriko in 5,042 OC by Her Serenity the Lady of Pain
  • Current Deed Holders: Tavist, Kaolin, Etsuriko, Drake, Dugan, and Hildegard.
  • 6 Unseen Servants per floor
  • Permanent teleport traps (CL 18) covering the entire grounds, trapping would-be intruders in a small wing of jail cells. Only those named
    on the deed and those accompanying them can teleport in.
  • Each floor has permanent, command word activated Mythic Guards and Wards (CL 18)
  • All portals and keys mapped out by Fenelyn and Kaolin in a four day Portal Binge
  • Stray Manor

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