Medium aberration (spelljammer)
Speed 12 (inubrix thrusters); Maneuverability average (turn 4)
AC 35; TL 25
HP 130; DT n/a; CT 32
Shields Basic 40 (forward 10, port 10, starboard 10, aft 10)
Attack (Forward) particle beam (8d6, 20 hexes), light plasma cannon (2d12, 5 hexes)
Attack (Aft) flak thrower (3d4, 5 hexes, point + 8)
Power Core(s) Pulse Blue (200 PCU), Pulse Blue (200 PCU); Drift Engine Dimension Drive; Systems advanced medium-range sensors, crew quarters (good), mk 12 armor (noqual), mk 4 defences (siccatite), mk 2 trinode computer (tier 7); Security biometric locks, computer countermeasures (shock grid 3 [DC 24, 12d6]), guards and wards; Expansion Bays cargo hold (2), conference and meeting rooms (2), power core housing, smuggler compartment (dc 35); Fortified Hull Adamantine alloy
Modifiers + 2 to any three checks per round, + 4 Computers, -1 Piloting; Complement 3

INT 21 | WIS 16 | CHR 15
Languages Celestial, Common, Draconic, Elven, Hellenic, Maenad, Sylvan
Skills Computers (Int) 18, Engineering (Int) 17, Life Science (Int) 18, Knowledge Arcana (Wis) 17, Physical Science (Int) 17, Piloting (Dex) 18, Knowledge Planes (Int) 19, Sleight of Hand (Dex) 18

Build Points cost 489, max 500 Power Core Units non-essential 367, essential 143, max 400

Healing Factor (EX)
Bio-Mechanical Starships can heal themselves over time. Bio-Mechanical Starships recover 10% of their base Hit Point total at the beginning of every second Engineering Phase.

Severe system damage repairs itself over time, even without outside assistance. Systems that have been completely destroyed do not regenerate naturally. Wrecked systems become Malfunctioning in 24 hours; Malfunctioning systems become Glitched in 12 hours. Glitched systems are restored to full function in 6 hours.

Bio-Engineering (EX)
It requires a Heal or Medicine check to perform any Engineer Actions aboard a Bio-Mechanical starship, rather than an Engineering check.

Reduced Signature (EX)
The Starjammer is lower tech by default, and the graceful lines of the ship are stealth-specced by default, with few angular surfaces to give a radar return. Add + 1 to the starships final TL.

Ship Mind
The Ship Mind is vulnerable to mind-affecting abilities but can benefit from morale bonuses, and is considered to have a true soul. The Starjammer can be raised or resurrected, if its soul is free and willing to return.
Doing so restores a destroyed starship (its physical body) to operations. In this case the raise dead, resurrection spell, or similar magic is dramatically more expensive, requiring the expenditure of BP equal to ¼ of the starship’s total build budget at the time of destruction, rather than the spell’s typical material component.

Each time the starship would gain additional Hull Points for a Tier increase, the Ship Mind may add a + 2
inherent bonus to any mental ability score of its choosing. The Ship Mind gains 6 + INT modifier skill ranks per Hit Die, and treats all skills on the Technomancer list as class skills. The Ship Mind is proficient in any languages used by its creator or crew. It gains this amount of skill points each time its Tier increases. ( currently 13 HD equivalent).

Dimension Drive A Dimension Drive allows travel to an alternate dimension of the pilot’s choice. It requires a successful Knowledge (The planes) or Mysticism check to travel to alternate planes, such as the Astral Plane, an Elemental Plane or other known dimensions.

It requires a successful Physical Sciences check to travel to alternate dimensions similar to mainline reality, cross dimensional barriers to other campaign universe, enter ‘structural’ dimensions such as Hyperspace that underpine physical reality, or travel within the Multiverse.

There can be crossover between the skills, allowing different paths to the same dimension. Check DCs are set based on the relative danger and complexity of plotting the path and vary from DC 20 (to known, fairly safe dimensions like the Astral Plane) to DC 45 or greater for truly obscure or risky destinations. If the check is successful, the vessel jaunts to the chosen destination, appearing somewhere on that plane. If specific destinations within a plane were targeted, the vessel arrives in orbit around that destination.

Failure wastes 6d6 hours of failed calculations and computer glitches as a failed course is programmed. The ship does not jaunt on a failure. Dimension Drives require 1d6+3 days to recharge between dimensional jumps.)


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