Bralspace starsystem

Casaspace aka Bralspace aka Spiralspace
Connects To/From: Realmspace, Winterspace, Herdspace, Ytherik, Caz-Adar, Pheoite, Pathspace, The Dead Shell, Vodoni Empire
Planets and Ports: Rock of Bral, Spiral, Ironpiece, Numliador, Minial’s Arch
Description and Notes:
Casaspace is a relatively small sphere with many small worlds and asteroids orbiting its small sun. Its location makes it something of a cross-road for Spelljamming traffic, and it contains the Rock of Bral, perhaps the most famous port in the spheres

Primary, “Sun”
Size C Spherical Firebody

Bralspace’s primary is a fairly standard fireworld, it is not as bright as some, such that its light does not cause any penalties for orcs, goblins or other mildly photophobic creatures. Those with more advanced photophobia, such as drow, are affected as by standard suns.

Barre Sinister
Size A Irregular Earth Body

This famous pirate bar and smuggler’s port lies just two days out from the system’s primary. An open secret among the navies of the sphere, the Barre is traditionally neutral ground. A strict code of no violence is maintained there, not by force of arms but by custom. The various pirate groups and military forces in the area realize the advantages of having such a watering hole in the sphere and avoid directly hindering the Barre’s trade.

Size A Irregualr Earth Body

A “feeder” asteroid for the Rock of Bral.

Red Belt
Size B Spherical Earthbody

Shipwrecker is a small planet, only about 90 miles across. It is covered in forests and mountains, about 50% of the planet is a stormy ocean. The planet is inhabited by goblins and harpies, as well as “normal” mountainous and forest animals.

Wrighters, a small colony town, is controlled by the Rock. About half the town is dedicated to a ship building operation run by Bral’s Shipwrights’ Guild, the rest is devoted to adventurers and miners. A few years ago gold was discovered in the mountains inland from town. This resulted in a gold rush which has still not completely abated, despite the relatively poor finds. This gold rush ignited a long simmering guerilla conflict between the local goblin tribes and the lumberers of Bral. The goblins were defeated and forced deeper back into the mountains.

Shipwrecker is named after a minor sea goddess worshipped by the goblins of the planet. Her goblin name, Latanuut (“Undernight”), was dropped by some humans and demihumans who took up her worship as a way of preventing the many shipwrecks she is said to cause on the planet. The goblins themselves continue to worship her, and are spelljamming aware, though not spelljamming capable. Prince Andru has forbidden trade with the goblins of Shipwrecker, something even the Arcane have not violated for fear of losing access to one of wildspace’s most active ports.

Green Belt
Size C spherical waterworld

Barbuda is a beautiful planet, but aside from its fish has no resources of great value (the waters are salt, with fresh water coming only from the occasional storm). Floating coral islands dot its surface. Rumours place sahuaghin, sea sprites, and coatl as inhabitents of the planet.

See SJR4 Practical Planetology (p. 30) for more information on Barbuda.

Minial’s Arch
Size B spherical earthbody

This small, wooded planet is an elven colony world. The inhabitents, a tribe of displaced Gruagach who have been on this planet now for at least a millenia, refuse to speak with outsiders concerning their past. It is unknown where they came from, or why they choose to colonize this world. The tribe is incredibly insular, even by gruagach standards. The Imperial Elven Fleet is not welcome here, though a courtsey ambassodership is maintained by the tribes ruling council of elders. The grugach maintain no (known) jammers, and the numerous clans which make up the tribe live a nomadic lifestyle, travelling on before they begin to strain the delicate local ecologies. The planets wildlife are said to be exceptionally dangerous, “giant” versions of the more normal animals are the norm. Cave Bears, for instance, are present in numbers, but black bears are unknown.

Blue Belt
Size B cluster earthbody

This small elven colony is located on a “live” world, a cluster of asteroids are joined together by a plant of unknown origin. This world supports a varied ecological system, and is inhabited by elves of nearly every variety. This small colony is focused on a single “tree” town with an associated spelljammer dock and the same name as the planet.

Violet Belt
Diamondhammer’s Stake
Size A irregular earthbodies

This Dwarven nation is set in an asteroid field named after itself which trails Bral by five million miles (about half a days travel by spelljammer). They control three citadels, and are one of the more prosperous groups in Bralspace.

Gods’ Marbles
Size A irregular earth cluster

This asteroid field, inhabited by Rock Hoppers, is rich in the animal life of wildspace. Virtually every known wildspace animal species can be found somewhere amongst this tight group of over 100 asteroids of various sizes. Scavver, delphinids, asteroid spiders, and zard, especially inhabit this field. The native Rock Hoppers normally live off of the scavver schools, but occasional pods of kindori within the field provide a supplement to their diet. The ecology of these field is possible primarily through the large amounts of infinity vine scattered throughout.

Major Asteroids:Aspis Colony, Suspected Illithid Navy Base, Deepdelve Clan Holdings, Xixchil Nest Greek Fire

Size A irregular earth cluster

This large asteroid group holds several farming asteroids owned and operated by Merchant Houses of Bral (Houses Moune, Kullek, and Daxault). For this reason priveteers and ships of the Royal Bralian Navy are often found within, hunting for pirate groups and making sure none of the astorids become isolated enough to make a tempting target for pirates. The field is composed of approx. 50 asteroids and it’s rumoured that ghost ships and undead vessels haunt the deeper regions of Grainfields.

Major Asteroids: Finagle, Torik’s Luck

Rock of Bral
Size A irregular earthbody

The city is within a small, unnamed field of perhaps 30 other asteroids. Bral claims soveriegnity over all of them, though most are useless except for mining. Many nobles and merchant houses of the Rock own these asteroids, most sit seemingly abandoned. See the full description – The Rock of Bral

Size C spherical earthbody

Spiral, a small world, was always the focus for the Imperial Elven navy in this sphere, elves have always termed the sphere “Spiralspace”. The planet is dominated by polar seas and an equatorial ocean which forms an unbroken band around its center. Strangely curving rivers lead between this ocean and the polar water bodies. The dry ground was dominated by old mountains and thick evergreen forests. A pleasent world whose few monsters had been driven into the remote corners of the world, Spiral has been inhabited by high elves, humans, and a few dwarf clans for generations. All living under the rulership of the elven House of Spiral. The Imperial Elven Fleet for this system was headquartered in the Crown of Correlon, an elven station orbiting Spiral, though under the command of Admiral Cirathorn the bulk of the fleet had shifted to Bral due to the Admiral’s personality conflicts with House Spiral. See the full description- Spiral

Size A spherical earthbody

Unipaxala- The Peace Asteroid
Size A Spherical Earthbody

The people of this asteroid settlement are pacifists who worship ‘Peace’, a philosophical concept which nonetheless seems to be able to grant spells to the priests of Unipaxala. Their basic tenent is simple, “To Revere Peace in All its Myriad Forms, To Bring No Harm to Others, and To Resolve Conflict through the Powers of the Mind”

One of many independent asteroid settelments in Bralspace, the Unipaxalans live simple lives of meditation and labor. Their society is a theocracy, and has virtually no crime (irredeemable criminals are exiled from the community). They produce much of their own food, and conduct some limited trade with Bral merchants, the Unipaxalans export food and cloth.

They defend themselves through careful use of their priestly powers and a powerful artifact called the ‘Ice-Ring Projector’ which is powered by mysterious crystals. when the crystals are shattered the projector surrounds the asteroid with a sphere of ice, impervious to normal siege weapons or ramming ships. The asteroid has been conquered once, by the neogi, but was soon freed by the efforts of the infamous wizardess Meredith.

Unipaxala is a stationary asteroid, it rotates on its axis but does not orbit Bralspace’s primary. It lies about 12 days from the sphere, and rests between the Giff and Sarphardin flow portals. Several dozen other asteroids surround it, all are claimed by Unipaxala, though most are little more then useless rocks.

Gray Belt
Size C Coin Shaped Earthbody (approx 390 miles across)

A gnomish colony world, Ironpiece is carefully avoided by most other spelljammers, despite the fact that it is inhabited by forest and rock gnomes as well as the more common (in wildspace) tinker gnomes. Since the Battle of Ironpiece in 5043 OC the gnomes have been engaged in a strenuous arms building program, convinced that the scro intend to conquer their planet next. The Spudnik I Space Superiority Fighter is one of that buildup’s results. Many of these little spellfighters now defend Port Walkaway, the primary naval port on the planet.

Adapted from the works of Paul Westermeyer


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