Spiral map
(Map by Night Druid)
Spiral has two continents, though neither is named. Each rings the planet within its hemisphere (north or south), and is seperate from the other by a large equatorial sea. Seas at each pole further enhance the “striped” appearence of the planet. Each continent is marked by a series of twisting, turning rivers which connect the equatorial ocean, Serekeros (“Blood Sea” in the Eledhel tongue) to the polar seas.

The northern polar sea, Himgaer (“Cold Sea”), is often beset by icebergs which drift down from a polar ice cap after it melts away in the summer. Earel (“Star Sea”), the southern polar sea, is a deep, clear blue and at night the stars are reflected clearly in its depths, given it its name. A mild sea, storms seldom mar its surface.

House Spiral produced wise leaders, who lacked the common elven failing of overweening pride. In 4011 OC they allowed hill dwarves of the Delvar clan to settle on Spiral. The Delvar clan established mines and a stronghold in the mountains near the city of Naugost. In 4057 OC, buoyed by the success of dwarven immigration, humans were allowed to settle in small groups. All the humans and dwarves who came to Spiral swore fealty to House Spiral, though they governed their communities according to their own customs. Within a century of the arrival of humans on Spiral a human knightly order, the Company of the Chalice, had established Spiral as the headquarters of their Spiralspace chapter.

Spiral was always the focus for the Imperial Elven navy in this sphere, in fact elves have always termed the sphere “Spiralspace” and even now do not use the more modern “Bralspace”. The Imperial Elven Fleet headquarters for the sphere had long been the Crown of Correlon, an elven station orbiting Spiral made from 7 joined men-o-war. The Sindiath Line made regular stops at Spiral, and and House Spiral maintained a small, defensive fleet of their own, ten Swanships.

When Admiral Cirathorn of Aerlofalyn took command of the IEN Spiralspace fleet the close cooperation between the IEN and House Spiral collapsed. The Admiral was offended by House Spiral’s open attitude towards the dwarves and humans now inhabiting parts of the planet, and especially offended that they had been permitted on an elven world at all. Moreover, he took the traditional IEN distrust of groundling elven realms to heart and saw himself as the highest elven lord within the sphere, a feeling House Spiral’s current lord, Cuthalion, did not share. After many disagreements the Admiral shifted the bulk of the IEN Spiralspace fleet to Bral, and broke off offical contact with Spiral. House Spiral received control of the Crown of Correlon as a result of a clause in the original treaty between House Spiral and the IEN.

The only landfall The Spelljoined have made on Spiral is in its largest city, Anfalas.

Text adapted from work by Paul Westermeyer