Smoke Powder


Smokepowder is a magical mixture of two inert substances which, when
combined, form an explosive mix. It is mostly used in firearms and explosives, though only dry smokepowder will explode or fire a bullet. It can be safely transported before the two inert substances are combined.

One ounce of smokepowder consumes itself in one round and illuminates like a sunrod. Smokepowder is sold in powder flasks or horns (16-ounce capacity, 1-pound total weight, 25 gp), in small kegs (4-pound [64 ounce] capacity, 5-pounds total weight, 100 gp) or in large kegs (20-pound [320 ounce] capacity, 25-pounds total weight, 500 gp).

Smokepowder is much more rare on planets than it is in space. The cost of smokepowder to groundlings will often be 2 or more times that ofthe cost to spacefarers.

Explosives  Cost   Damage  Blast Radius Range Increment  Weight   Type 
Smokepowder Charge 16 sp 1d2 0 ft. 1 oz. Fire
Smokepowder (1 lb., flask or horn) 25 gp 3d6 5 ft. 1 lb. Fire
Smokepowder (4 lbs., small keg) 100 gp 8d6 10 ft. 5 lbs. Fire
Smokepowder (20 lbs., large keg) 500 gp 15d6 15 ft. 25 lbs. Fire
 -  Smokepowder burns slowly, so the maximum amount of damage is limited to 15d6 for any amount over 20 pounds.

Smokepowder Explosives: Smokepowder explosives have a fuse that must be lit before they are used. Lighting a bomb is a move action. The explosive deals damage based on the amount of smokepowder it contains. Anyone caught within the blast radius can make a DC 15 Reflex save to take half damage. Smokepowder explosives require no proficiency to use.

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Smoke Powder

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