Smith's Caldera

Using the machinery here The Spelljoined have learned to change the time of day, reconfigure the stars, or alter the season with only 5 rounds of work and a use magic device check (DC 25) or a knowledge (engineering) check (DC 30). In addition they have slowly been expanding and altering the composition of the demiplane using these controls, creating arable land and starting to grow a few crops.

G Smith’s Caldera
Card: The Forge (+2 to Perception and Survival while in this location)

This foundry contains all the tools necessary for any Craft checks related to metalworking.
G1 Workspace
G2 The Thirsty Break
This giant-scaled public house features a lone table and bar. Two sets of double doors
in the southeast corner lead out of the room. The Thirsty Break once served as the watering hole for the Caldera’s giant workforce.
G3 Smith
A massive sinkhole hole takes up the southeastern half of this workshop, leading to a blazing hot chamber beneath. More astonishing, however, is the massive stone head poking through it, attached to a far larger body below.

This area formerly served as the Caldera’s main shop and foundry, until a new tenant arrived. As the Harrowed realm’s mechanisms broke down, a lower cavern network—home to an immensely large and stupid giant named Smith— flooded with magma. The displaced giant eventually found a new home by digging upward, straight into the Caldera’s workshop, chasing out the azers and destroying the space.

Annoyed by the giant’s encroachment into his realm, The Ticktock Man pulled all his weight among the Harrowed Realm’s many denizens, managing to procure a single wish from the efreeti Agrasug. With this, the Caldera’s Conspirator petrified Smith, leaving his colossal head sticking into this room

G4 Tick Tok
This mammoth chamber houses man-sized gears, pendulums, and screws amid puffs of steam. The noise rattles through the room, occasionally shaking free bits of the stone walls. The inner chamber of the Caldera houses the behind-the-scenes workings of the Harrowed Realm. Destroying these mechanisms prevents the time of day or seasons from changing, stops fresh water from flowing, and causes temperatures to vary widely across the dimension.

Smith's Caldera

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