Rug of Planar Meditation

This richly embroidered rug is often assumed to be cursed, due to its effects. Simply put it is a direct conduit to a god or powerful outsider. By meditating on the rug, the character activates a commune spell with the outsider which created this device. This ability may be used once per day.

The name of the being that created the rug and the command word to activate its power is hidden in the intricate patterns of the rug. A successful Decipher Script check (DC 30) reveals both pieces of information. If at least a DC 25 check is made then the command word can be discovered.

Most beings that make these rugs would be very upset if someone other than the servant given it used this device. Fiends often use these rugs to deliver orders to mortal and fiendish servants on Material Plane.

Caster Level: 9th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Device, commune; Market Price: 143,000 gp; Cost to Create: 9,000 gp.

Rug of Planar Meditation

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