Refugespace starsystem

Connects To/From: Realmspace, Pirtel
Planets and Ports: Below, Refuge, Welcome
Description and Notes:

This small crystal sphere is found near Greyspace contains a large sun, only one planet, its moon and a small outer planetoid. Established and controlled by the Arcane, it is the largest off-world base known to spacefarer’s where the Arcane build, repair, and modify ships. Safer and more tightly controlled than the Rock of Bral, Refuge is used by many prudent and good-alighned adventurers in space as a “vacation destination”. Dragon #159


Refuge appears to be a huge,well-tended garden from the surface, studded with luxurious homes and occasional larger structures- the banks, the Great Vault, hotels, drydocks, hospitals (some of the best care in any sphere), casinos, and taverns.

The Guardian Ring
A ring of two dozen or so “space golems” that protect Refuge itself. A gnomish invention that fits a minor helm to a stone golem, and mounts two medium ballistas on its back.

An uninhabited world that provides visiting ships with free air and water, but it’s not recommended to land to explore or attempt their own repairs, as the world is very dangerous. The Arcane stock Below with hundreds of monsters from a hundred different spheres. The Arcane offer expensive “safaris” here to space weary adventurers and pampered nobility.

The Salvage Ring
The Arcane buy fragments of old ships for scrap, reuse, and spare-parts (no questions asked). These wrecks are tetherd together in orbit around Below. Most parts for a damaged ship can be found here..for a price. Pirates, scavvers, and worse have been known to lurk amid the chaos of the ring, but the Arcane use hired Giff muscle to prevent stealing from the ring.

The outermost planetoid in the sphere. A dozen or so sarphardin can be found around Welcome at all times. Welcome glows with its own radiance from the Glowmoss Gardens on the surface. Frequent travelers to Refuge also know that Welcome houses a strong defensive navy. They serve to escort or tow crippled ships into Refuge, to quarantine suspected plague ships, and to break up any running battles that come into the sphere.