Realmspace view
A View of Realmspace by Noah Bonebreak

Connects To/From: Greyspace, Herospace, Greatspace, Clusterspace, Refuge, Casaspace, Moragspace, Shadowspace, From Krynnspace, Vodoni Empire
Planets and Ports: Anadia, Coliar, Toril, Selûne, Tears of Selûne, Karpri, Karpri Station,Chandos, Glyth, Haven, Mingabwe and Polluter, Garden, Grandchild, Yerthad, Reaceon, Retinae, Icon, Fjord, Locci, Dragon Rock, Knurl, Sunson, Templar, Farworld, H’Catha,Turnbetl, Lumbe
Description and Notes:
This is the home sphere of the Forgotten Realms campaign setting and one of the Triad. The main planet, Toril, is the home of Maztica, Kara-tur, and Zakhara. It is an important sphere, with a great deal of Spelljammer traffic and trade.

The Sun: Spherical Fire Body.
Anadia: Terrestrial planet, largely badlands. Run by civilized halflings that keep the barbaric humans on reservations for their own protection.
Coliar: Gas giant with many earth and water islands on the interior, populated primarily by lizard men, aarakocra and dragons.
Abeir-Toril: Terrestrial body home to the city of Waterdeep and the Empires of Shou and Wa. Has one moon, Selûne and a cluster of trojan asteroids, Tears of Selûne, which follow Selûne’s orbit.
Karpri: Water planet with two icecaps and an impenetrable equatorial seaweed jungle. Populated by primitive nomads.
Chandos: Another water planet with thousands of asteroids floating underneath the surface. Also populated by primitive nomads
Glyth: Terrestrial planet, once-Earthlike with an advanced civilization, now with a foul atmosphere. The remaining humans are hunted by the planet’s subterranean rulers, the mind flayers.
Garden: Spherical cluster of asteroids linked by a common atmosphere and the roots of a single enormous plant- Yggdrasil’s Child..
H’Catha: Flat, circular disk of water. Populated by beholders.

Spelljamming places in Realmspace
Dragon Rock a spearhead shaped asteroid in the Tears of Selûne.
Karpri Station a ring of, fused together, Elven Man-O-War ships orbiting Kapri.
Stardock an abandoned illithid port
Yeomen’s Loft the capital of Netherese spelljamming activities during the Arcane Age
Nimbral an island on the world of Abeir-Toril.

Organisations operating in Realmspace
The Shou Fleet
The Imperial Elven Fleet


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