As you’re examining the city’s architecture, you’re bound to find a wall or two covered and overgrown by a creep hedge or carpet of twisting, but oddly fitting black vine snaking up the stone. Mind your hands, lest you draw back and find your fingers lacerated and dripping blood upon the vines, yourself, and the cobblestones under your feet.

Razorvine, considered a blight upon the planes by many, is a dark, nearly black twisting vine
that infests parts of Sigil and proves nearly impossible to completely kill. The thin, twisting
vines are dotted with dense clusters of heart shaped leaves, which grow atop thin, triangular
stems that are themselves as sharp as razors. It can grow several feet a day, and the twists and
knots of the vine make it near impossible to find the roots.

This inability to purge the Cage of the vine is certainly not for any lack of trying on the behalf of many of Sigil’s citizens. The vine is routinely hacked down, trimmed, poisoned, and burnt in an effort to kill it, or more commonly to keep its rampant growth under control. Razorvine is likely of Abyssal origin, possibly having been imported from the gate-town of Plague-Mort, though there is little proof to support this claim. Sigil’s residents have adapted to using it as both a decoration and a security device on the walls and roofs of buildings. Grown up and into elegant latticework on the sides of a cutter’s kip, the razor-edged plant will prevent most any thief from daring to scale the wall. A single fall could eviscerate even the hardiest knight of the post.

Finally, the vine itself can be used as cheap sustenance for certain grazing animals, and bundles of the dried, trimmed vine are sold as such both inside and outside of Sigil. When properly prepared, razorvine can also be used as a source of fuel for wood burning stoves and fireplaces. Faced with their inability to ridd themselves of the creeping plague, Sigil has sought to profit from the plant as best it can.


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