Planar Church of Olympus

The Pantheon of Olympus is building #68 on the SJR5 map, SJR5 calls this the Planar Church of Olympus.

This Bralian temple is devoted to the top twelve gods of the Olympian Pantheon; Zeus, Aphrodite, Apollo, Ares, Artemis, Athena, Demeter, Hades, Hephaestus, Hera, Hermes, and Poseidon. Inside the main hall twelve shrines face off, six to each side. Like the Pantheon itself, the High Priest of Zeus is the head of the church, and also like the pantheon this authority is constantly questioned and ignored. Each diety has 5-20 priests and acolytes dedicated to carrying for their shrine. While priests must devote themselves to individual dieties in the pantheon, lay worshippers are expected to give deference to all.

The priests of this temple have enough problems with their own internal rivalries, they have no significent conflicts with other faiths, yet.

Recently, the priesthoods of this temple have managed to agree on something. The High Priest has announced plans to host a festival of games in the Arena of Frun, similar to festivals held on other worlds in honor of the Olympian gods. These games will be dedicated to the deities of the temple but are open to all. The festival will begin on the 1st Day of the 5th Month and will last 2 weeks.

There is a five gold piece entrance fee for each event, contestents can enter up until midnight of the night prior to the the event. Each night as well the church will host a festival ot the Arena of Frun with illusionary shows, plays, music, dancing ect. Culminating with a Grand Ball on the 14th day of the games. (only open to the city’s upper crust, and event winners).

Here are the order of events for the upcoming festival, or “Olympics”, on each day there will be competitions as follows:

1st Day: Chariot Races
2nd Day: Boxing (unarmed combat, really. Kicking is allowed)
3rd Day: Wrestling
4th Day: Foot races
5th Day: Poetry and Singing
6th Day: Gladiatorial Combat
7th Day: Dancing
8th Day: Archery
9th Day: Spell crafting (best “new” spell wins the prize)
10th Day: Javilin Throwing
11th Day: Horse races
12th Day: Fencing
13th Day: Spellcasting (“combat” casting against illusionary foes)
14th Day: Spelljammer Regatta (through an “astroid” course)

Planar Church of Olympus

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