Pilot Spelljammer


Ranks  Quality 
0-2  Green 
3-5  Average 
6-8  Trained 
9+  Crack 

You are skilled in the control of Spelljamming vessels. You can perform simple manoeuvres such as level flight, take off and landing as well as docking and reorienting gravity planes. You are also trained in complex manoeuvres such as those required in combat. You have studied a variety of Helm types, and know (in theory at least) how to use all commonly occurring Helms and any rare or custom Helm in which you have been especially trained. You have learned the basics of navigation in both wildspace and the phlogiston.

Maneuver DC
Activate spelljamming helm 10
Dock ship, e.g. at an asteroid dock 13
Dock with larger ship 15
Dock with equal-sized ship 18
Dock with smaller ship 20
Bring weapon to bear 15
Bring two different weapons to bear 20
Maneuver in limited space 20
Maneuver in confined space 23
Maneuver in confined, twisty, space 25

Navigation Checks
If you have 5 or more ranks of Knowledge (wildspace), you get a + 2 bonus to Pilot Spelljammer for navigation purposes.
Wildspace Navigation DC
Familiar with destination and current location in a familiar crystal sphere 10
Unfamiliar crystal sphere (with map) + 5
Unfamiliar crystal sphere (no map) + 10
Current location unknown + 15
1 hour spent plotting course – 2

Phlogiston Navigation DC
Familiar with destination, current location, and route 10
Unfamiliar current location (with map) + 5
Unfamiliar current location (no map) + 10
Unfamiliar but common destination + 10
Current location unknown + 15
Never travelled to destination (no map) + 30
1 hour spent plotting course – 2

Pilot Spelljammer

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