Our Heroes

the_spelljoined_2020.jpgName: Commodore Vedis Valentine
Flagship: The Penumbra
Origin: Planar, The Dreaming, Rajrin
Race/Class: Maenad, Wilder, Soulknife
Pet: Violet, The Whelp
Faction or Affilliation: The Spelljoined, The Laughing Beholder
Leadership Score: | Cohort: Hatuk | Followers: Vedis Valentine’s Folowers
Vedis’ Journal

Name: Capt. Etsuriko Chi’ason Toraneko
Vessel: Serenity
Origin: Prime, SpiralSpace, Rock of Bral
Race/Class: Human (Shou), Monk
Faction or Affilliation: Song Ming Monastery, Stray Manor
Etsuriko’s Journal

Name: Capt Melisande Denaris
Vessel: The Artful Driftdodger
Origin: Prime (Time Displaced), Pact Worlds, The Diaspora (319 AG)
Race/Class: Aasimar (Lenata’s descendent), Mystic
Faction or Affilliation: Catch My Drift, Starfinder Society (Dept 7), Xo! Media, formerly House Zeizerer

Name: Kenari Sanura
Origin: Prime, Realmspace, Toril, Gheldaneth
Race/Class: Catfolk, Rogue, Swashbuckler, Gatecrasher, Jaunter
Faction or Affilliation: The Spelljoined, The Seekers
Leadership Score: None | Cohort: Dassam | Followers: Kenari’s Followers
Kenari’s Journal

Name: Lenata of Celestian
Origin: Prime, Spiralspace, God’s Marbles
Race/Class: Aasimar (bloodline – planetar), Cleric
Faction or Affilliation: The Spelljoined, The Seekers, Celestial College of Celestian
Lenata’s Journal

Name: Ef Utan Izenik
Origin: Prime, Carrigmoore
Race/Class: Human, Fighter, Transmuter
Faction or Affilliation: The Spelljoined, formerly House Sorpic
Leadership Score: 11 | Cohort: Takero Tsuyoshi | Followers: Ef Utan’s Followers

Name: Fenelyn of the Silver Void
Origin: Planar, Ribcage, Outlands
Race/Class: Human (tanar’ri bloodline – Cerebrelith) Rogue, Gatecrasher
Faction or Affilliation: House Seven Stars, Planewlakers Guild

The Departed

Name: Word of Wisdom
Origin: Prime, Sarlona (Eberron)
Race/Class: Psiforged, Psychic Warrior, Nomad, Elocater
Faction or Affilliation: The Edgewalkers
Manner of Departure: Returned to Eberron to fight the Daelkyr

Name: Melchior Babel
Origin: Prime, City of Greyhawk (Oerth)
Race/Class: Human, Gunslinger
Faction or Affilliation: Cult of Murlynd
Manner of Departure: Left to take on Sherriff’s duties in The New Hive

The Dead Book

Name: Sapphira Nye
Origin: Sigil
Race/Class: Tiefling, Sorceror
Faction or Affilliation: The Spelljoined, Guvvners
Last Words: Unknown
Place of Demise: The Rock of Bral
Manner of Demise: Unknown, but the only thing left of her was her left hand which was scorched by magical fire. The Tenth Pit is suspected of being behind her murder.

Our Heroes

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