Also called Wells of Knowledge or Speaking Skulls, mimirs are a minor magical device composed of a unknown silvery metal used by planewalkers and clueless alike because they answer questions spoken to them, assuming those answers have been recorded into the device. They are effectively encyclopedias that provide information quickly and without requiring any reading as the mimir will answer the question as best it can with its knowledge (which is about an hour’s worth of talking), sounding much like an erudite lecturer.

The device only works when left to float in the water or air, rather like an ioun stone, where it will remain until grabbed. Mimirs are commonly skull-shaped, but are also found as stars, disks, leaves, and other mundane shapes. For some reason the devices only work on the Outer Planes, and if brought elsewhere any answers comes out as gibberish. A feeblemind spell cast on a mimir will cause it to do the same, and they are also stopped by silence spells. While commonly found for sale in Sigil and the gate-towns, no one knows where mimirs originate. Attempts to recreate them without using the strange metal have yielded imperfect results, and to date no respectable blood has claimed responsibility. Standard mimirs are programmed with information regarding the Outlands and will answer questions regarding that plane, even the asker’s general distance from the Spire. Since a mimir can be purged of its original content and new information instilled, folk settle for using existing ones to record whatever information they’d like.

Market Price: 2,000 gp; Weight: -