Mantle of Celestian

This garment is of black cloth and is otherwise unremarkable. If the item is checked for magic, the mantle radiates an aura of alteration. The principal power of this wrap is to enable a wearer to exist in the cold void of outer space. Its wearer can breathe and feel as if he or she were in a cool, well-ventilated place where any oxygen-breathing creature could exist. It also protects against poison gases of all sorts. In addition, the mantle provides a +1 bonus on all saving throws vs. electricity, fire, and noise (including drums of deafening, panic, roaring, or thunder).

The mantle of Celestian is well suited for travelers in general as well as for spelljammers and exhibits the following powers:

Food: A wearer may simply reach inside one of its many pockets and find sufficient rations for one person for one day; this nourishment is available once per day.

Drink: In another pocket there is a small ewer that provides up to seven gallons of water, pouring cold or warm as the user commands. Such draught is obtainable once per day.

Shelter: A wearer does not grow cold or hot or become wet or damp while wearing the mantle.

Storage: The mantle has seven large and seven small pockets, and only one of each is needed for food and water, so the remaining 12 can be used to store whatever is desired (up to 7 pounds in the small pockets or 14 pounds in the large) with no bulk, bulge, or added weight.

The mantle of Celestian also has a special power that is conveyed to the wearer only if he or she is a priest of Celestian. This dweomer enables a wearer to see the aura of any stranger met along the way, so as to give warning of evil, neutral, or good intent. The power is not automatically bestowed, however, for a wearer must concentrate to sense the aura. As suggested above, the mantle of Celestian has proved particularly popular among spelljamming followers of the Star Wandere

By Thomas M. Costa for

Mantle of Celestian

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