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Rule Zero: The game master can suspend or override the published game rules whenever he deems necessary. Rule zero may be invoked unilaterally, at any time and does not have to be agreed upon in advance by the players

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Items and Artifacts

Deck of Harrowed Tales | Ef Utan’s Ear Rings | Kenari’s Beads | Planar Tuning Forks | Psionic Circuitry | Sardiors Fang | Spelljammer Tattoo | Theridons Impossible Mace


Cohorts Takero Tsuyoshi (Ef Utan) | Dassam (Kenari) | Hatuk (Vedis) | Kattar (Taj Pach) | Illyana Starsinger (Tavist)
Spelljoined Ef Utan’s Followers | Kenari’s Followers | Vedis Valentine’s Folowers | Spelljoined Hirelings
Seven Stars Taj Pachs Folowers | Tavists Followers | Seven Stars Hirelings
Drifters Five | Ella Sorpic | M’rhiss


Spelljoined: The Fools Earrand | The Nomad | Serenity | The Penumbra
Seven Stars: The Dauntless | Killroy’s Folly | The Ancient Nautiloid | The Infernal Contraption | Valis
New Hive The Needle | Mandible of Fate
Drifters The Artful Driftdodger


Spelljoined The Striding Fortress | The Harrowing Demiplane
Seven Stars Stray Manor | Main Office (Rock of Bral) | Waterdeep Office | Warehouse 23 (Greyhawk) | Greatspace Office
Taj Pach’s The New Hive (Tears of Selune)
Etsuiko’s The Burnt Tail | Song Ming Monastery


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