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Elven Imperial Navy
House Leafbower
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The Rule of Three
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Rule Zero: The game master can suspend or override the published game rules whenever he deems necessary. Rule zero may be invoked unilaterally, at any time and does not have to be agreed upon in advance by the players

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The Seekers
The Planewalker’s Guild
The Seven Stars
The Church of Celestian
Dept 7 (E07)
Dept 7: Project Javelin (Unknown)

Aladan LeafbowerLenata of Celestian’s long time lover

Herphan Gomja Commander of Base Security, Port Walkaway, Ironpiece

Large Luigi Owner of The Laughing Beholder

Rory Quickfoot Halfling Underbaron of Bral

Aunt Gertrude Sorpic Carrigmoorean Crime boss, Ef Utan Izenik’s Aunt

Reginald Eaton Lethbridge of Earth 07, The Time Traveller


The Illithid Continuum
The Slavers of Thay
The Tenth Pit

Torgan Betz

Malnar Leafbower


Tain of Refuge, a Reigar

Battlepoet Fanyar Leafbower – Aladan’s mother

Ties of Blood

Blood of Metabriel (Planetar)
Lenata of Celestian, Melisande

Children of Bast
Kenari, Her uncle Tabak and her cousin Mree

Blood of Terendelev (Silver)
Tavist Aller Sinache and his half albino drow daughter Kalara Daevion’lyr

House Valentine
Capt. Vedis Valentine

Clan Leafbower
Captain Dulosse Leafbower, Admiral Aldyn Leafbower, Malnar Leafbower, Admiral Villus Leafbower, Battle-Poet Fanyar Leafbower and her children Alcyonne Leafbower and Aladan Leafbower, Aeowyn Leafbower

Ti Sinache i’Vesve
Tavist Aller Sinache, Seluna of the Vesve

House Irinov
Balthasar Irinov and his great, great granddaughter, Dinara Irinova

House Kirkeen
Tanth Kirkeen & Erika The Red and their long lost grandson Melchior Babel

House Sorpic
Aionias Sorpic, The Sapphire Mage, his daughter Constance, and her cousins Ef Utan Izenik, Ayrun Sorpic, Lemmy Sorpic, and (after The Gap) Ella Sorpic.

Royal Shou
Meng Kung Gao, Etsuriko Chi’ason Toraneko

Blood of Mindripper (Cerebrelith)
Feneylin of the Silver Void, his brother Capt. Theridon, and Theridon’s daughter Anya Sixela

Blood of Malcanthet (Succubus)
Eludicia, her five times great granddaughter Estatira .Red Shroud, her daughter, Fall From Grace, her four times great grandson Draego Bloodflame and his illegitimate children Annicka Volkova, Kargat Vol, Katya Volkov

Blood of Shami-Amourae (Succubus)
Sapphira Nye, and her son Irharion Auricrux

Spiralspace Clans
Shintak Taj Pach, her daughter Ta’Nyet

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