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A Planejammer Campaign



Celestian holy symbol
The Harrowing
The Rock of Bral
Elven Imperial Navy
House Leafbower

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Core Rules | Psionics | Mythic

House Rules
Afflictions Astral Addiction, Astral Psychosis
Classes Swashbuckler
Domains/Subdomains Wildspace
Feats Firebrand of Murlynd, Hostile Mind, Improved Hostile Mind, Leafbower Legacy, Psibane Magic, Vow of Poverty
Prestige Classes Gatecrasher, Jaunter
Races Warforged
Rules Advanced Naval Combat, Death and Resurrection, Faerzress
Skills Control, Pilot Spelljammer
Spells Analyze Portal

Rule Zero: The game master can suspend or override the published game rules whenever he deems necessary. Rule zero may be invoked unilaterally, at any time and does not have to be agreed upon in advance by the players

The Rule of Three- The Center of The Multiverse- The Unity of Rings

Spelljoined Assets

Our Heroes | Journals and Chronicles
Journeys Visited Spheres, Visited Planes, Visited Alternates

Strongholds: The Striding Fortress and its demiplane, The Harrowing, Etsuiko’s Property: Stray Manor, The Burnt Tail

Fleet: The Fools Earrand | The Nomad, Finn’s Ships: Periodic access to House Seven Stars ships: The Dauntless (hammership), Killroy’s Folly (turtleship) as long as it aligns with their current missions.

Staff Ef Utan’s Cohort: Takero Tsuyoshi | Etsuriko’s Cohort | Kenari’s Cohort: Dassam | Vedis’ Cohort: Hatuk | Ef Utan’s Followers | Kenari’s Followers | Vedis Valentine’s Folowers | Critters

Signature Items: Ef Utan’s Ear Rings | Kenari’s Beads | Planar Tuning Forks | Theridons Impossible Mace
Associated Artifacts: Deck of Harrowed Tales | Spelljammer Tattoo | Psionic Circuitry

Library Contract of Napthas with House Moune, Situational access to the Arcane and Occult libraries of the Seven Stars

Stellar Cartography Cities Sigil Planets Spiral Spheres Spiralspace, Greyspace, Realmspace, Refuge, Greatspace


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