Main Office (Rock of Bral)

Stronghold: House Seven Stars
Location: Rock of Bral
Lease per Month: 5,000gp
Current Value of Commodities: 80,000 gp
Taxes per Year (Crown): 1,500 gp
Staff Salaries per Year: 12,000 gp (includes fleet)
Seven Stars Salaries per Year 16,800 gp

  • The Company Fleet is based here
  • Full voting seat on Bralian Council of Captains

Stronghold Components: Armory, basic (1); Common Area, fancy (1); Dock Extended (2) x4 laborers; Shop, fancy (1) x2 clerks; Storage, fancy x2 (2 total) x4 guards,x1 mage; Study/Office, luxury (1) clerk;

Recently having undergone a Royal Audit and a fine of 40,000 gp for causing disruption during time of conflict, the main office has Content Not Found: tavist-aller-sinache hands full trying to maintain a voice on the Council of Captains while attempting to remain viable during wartime.

Tikazata is now instructing a variety of novice healers. The goal is at least one, if not two, healers per ship on every mission.

Two recent major influxes of funding from IEN. Many are becoming aware of IEN funding and favor granting in relation to the Seven Stars.

Bronzewood and Flamegems from Oerth in Greyspace as well as Ship’s Weapons and preserved herbs from Thesayles in Greatspace make up the bulk of the income currently. House Moune is rapidly taking away the Grainfields runs, and military/pirate activity has skyrocketed throughout the near spheres.

Main Office (Rock of Bral)

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