Kenari's Beads

Catfolk have a tendency to save items that have special meaning for them on their travels. While sometimes it may be that dagger that got them through a tough fight or a favorite piece of armor that saved their life, for most they are small items whose true meaning is only known to the owner.

• A bead of Jet shaped like a cat’s head, this was given to her when she was named by her clan. While she was too young to remember it, her father told her the story when she was older. Given to Uncle Tabak when they met in Gheldaneth.

• A pewter and gold token shaped like Bast sitting on a cartouche was given to her by the head priestess of the Temple of Bast in Gheldaneth when she and her father were rescued from slavery by the word of their Goddess. She wears it as a reminder of the Goddess who saved them… as well as the Goddess who left them.

• A lapis lazuli stone shaped like a scarab was a gift from her father before he passed away. The scarab is symbolic of rebirth… and she keeps it in the hopes that he found a new life in the next world.

• A Moonstone was given to her by a Priestess of Isis from Alhamut while on the streets of Sigil. She keeps it in hopes that one day the priestess will find her again, and she can learn more of the mysteries regarding the origins of Mulhorandi culture in other lands.

• An ivory bead with Wa symbols painted on it was given to her by her Uncle Tabak. She keeps it in hopes that she can use it to find them again one day when her search for the Spelljammer is over.

• A glass Leaf Bead was purchased when she arrived in Spiral space for the first time, and walked amongst Elves who were truly free. She has since given this bead to her first lover, Dassam, whom she met during a Reigar party on Refuge.

Kenari's Beads

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