Kayanerenh Manito

Kayanerenh Manito: A Bralian Barrio
Original by David Cummings; editing by Paul WestermeyerAdditional content by Loki

KManito.jpgKayanerenh Manito is a small community perched near the edge of Bral, just off Lamp Street. There’s a cluster of 5 buildings between Zada’s Mounts(#98) and the Halflings’ Burrows district. It’s in Lowtown and by a business many would like to avoid (because of the stench), but near the Edge and there are a few trees and bushes before the edge becomes a cliff. This community is a mishmash of cultures that find more in common with one another than they do with anyone else on Bral. These people tend to live more simply, closer to the spirits of nature than the they do to civilization. Though many are natives of Bral, they struggle to maintain their traditions in on this asteroid city in the depths of wildspace.

For the most part, their cultures arose far separate from those that seem to predominate on Bral. Some of their cultures remain hidden on their worlds, some only recently discovered. The culture clash shows in the different clothes, artwork, and housing one finds in Kayanerenh Manito. A few tee pees can be seen on the grassy clearing, next to buildings of more standard design and the cliffside itself is home to a growing section of housing. The Azuposi of Toril, specializing in this type of construction, have built housing inside the sides of Bral’s edge, the “porches” of each residence connected to one another in a webwork of ladders. It is interesting to note, however, that the culture of Kayanerenh Manito shows signs of blending, especially through family units of cross-bred tribesmen.

Kayanerenh Manito was founded by stranded members of two Azuposian tribes from Toril and a Rover band from Oerth. The name means “Nations of the Great Spirit” in a hodge-podge of their languages, as that was the only thing they could think of to describe the wonders of wildspace they had seen. It should be noted, that to the citizens of Kayanerenh Manito, all of Bral is named such, indeed, all of Wildspace, not just their little barrio.

Today, the community numbers perhaps 200 members from a variety of native cultures. The people are varied in origins but Azuposi, Eyaque, and Nahotopec from Toril and Rovers of the Barrens from Oerth predominate. They only make up about 50% of the total between them, however. At least 50% of the barrio’s members are now native Bralians. Perhaps 100 others live elsewhere in the city but maintain their ties with the small community.

Kayanerenh Manito

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