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The Chronicles of The Spelljoined Compiled by Loki, here is an incomplete collection of narratives from the earlier part of the campaign.

The Journal of Vedis Valentine, The Psychic Tavern Wench and Captain of The Nomad – The dreamborn maenad started as a tavern wench at the Rock of Bral’s infamous Laughing Beholder. Now she is the Captain of a haunted hammership. [21 Episodes]

The Journal of Kenari Sanura, The Claw of Bast – The Journals of a catfolk gatecrasher raised as a temple dancer in Mulhorrand, on Toril. [70+ episodes, ongoing]

The Journal of Lenatta, Priestess of Celestian – Raised by a primitive religious cult in God’s Marbles, Spiralspace, this aasimar priestess has been drifting more and more from her lawful roots since becoming part of The Spelljoined. [5 episodes]

The Journal of Etsuriko Chi’ason Toraneko Monk, planewalker, and coowner of Stray Manor A native of The Rock of Bral’s Shou Town district, sensei of the Song Ming Monastery, and part-owner of Stray Manor in Sigil.

Random Scribblings
Kenari’s Plot Flow Chart Between Chronicles Episodes 15 and 16
Kenari’s Plot Flow Chart – Part 2 Between Chronicles Episodes 21 and 22
Kenari’s Goodbye Letter to Dassam
Ship’s Log of The Fools Earrand By Ef Utan Izenik
The Books as kept by Ef Utan Izenik
Melchior’s Tarokka Reading (E07- Uerth)

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Journals and Chronicles

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