ISC Khelorn’s Grace

Stolen from the Dragon Empire’s diplomatic corps, this was Dafydd ap Kieron, or “Dave’s”, ship. He was a follower of Tavist’s for a few years. The ship is currently hidden in a secret location in Spiralspace. The nature of it’s engines and thrusters mean that it cannot operate in the phlogiston without exploding so it is confined to that sphere. (It’s Drift Drive does not operate within the crystal spheres.

Medium explorer
Speed 8; Maneuverability good (turn 1); Drift 1
AC 14; TL 15
HP 65; DT n/a; CT 13
Shields Medium 90 (forward 23, port 22, starboard 22, aft 23)
Attack (Forward) high explosive missile launcher (4d8)
Attack (Port) light plasma cannon (2d12)
Attack (Starboard) light plasma cannon (2d12)
Attack (Turret) light emp cannon (error)

Power Core Pulse Green (150 PCU); Drift Engine Signal Basic; Systems advanced medium-range sensors, crew quarters (good), mk 4 armor, mk 5 defences, mk 2 trinode computer (tier 3); Security anti-hacking systems mk 2 (DC +2), anti-personnel weapon (laser rifle, azimuth), computer countermeasures (firewall, lockout); Expansion Bays guest quarters (luxurious) (2), medical bay, escape pods

Modifiers + 2 any three checks per round, +4 Computers, +1 Piloting

ISC Khelorn’s Grace

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