House of the White Galleon

A converted villa of large size, the House of the White Galleon is synonymous with serene opulence. Decadent pleasures await for any who can afford the prices there and act within a certain manner. Of course, the doormen are picky about who is let in, and the security is far better than anything else of this nature in Bral. The rich like their security, and the House of the White Galleon offers plenty of it, all part and parcel with the exorbitant prices. With plenty of magical and physical security, no violence is tolerated. It is ruthlessly stamped out by skilled mercenaries from the Valkan’s Legion who watch the floor, and by highly paid mages of some skill who are always on watch to make sure magic isn’t being used to cheat in gambling and to quell any truly dangerous threats.

The place is opulent, the decor costing more than what a self-styled crime lord or noble would make in a year. But it is the favored meeting place of Bral’s high society when they don’t meet in their own homes. Gentry and rich merchants tend to lounge about, and one can even spot some of the more successful courtesans of Bral plying their trade here; exotic, erotic and beckoning to any man that they make eye contact with. The courtesans are tolerated because they are both subtle and stylish, and are not drugged or enslaved. There is no regulation upon them in the House, they merely come of their own accord and are afforded the luxury of safety within its walls.

No activity escapes the watchful eye of the owner, a former master thief by the name of Dennon “Four Hands” Ulathee, a man of grace and wary politeness, who knows every trick a thief might try in here. Merely because the owner is retired does not mean he is not well informed or well connected. He is both, but inactive so long as his establishment remains free from threats. The respect he commands, and the favors he can call in from the upper crust of high classed criminals, magic users, and other influences of the city is enough to deal with major threats to the establishment.

The house itself is built for discreet entrances and exits as well as for security. Famous customers seeking liaisons without fear of being caught in the public eye are given access, for a price, to the secret passages that run through the place. It is a favor granted to few and guarded jealously. The passages are warded, scryed and watched for intruders carefully, and are even trapped.

House of the White Galleon

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