Helm_Lenata.jpgThe Helm is what powers Spelljamming ships, or rather the pilot in it does. When a spellcaster sits in the helm it takes 1d4 rounds to synch with the ship. After that time the pilot is able to maneuver the ship as a standard action simply by concentrating.

From the time the pilot synchs with the Helm onwards he or she is unable to cast spells- although domain, bloodline, and school special abilities are still available. This inability to cast spells continues until 1d10 rounds minus the pilots pertinent ability modifier, minimum 1 round, after leaving physical contact with the helm.

Helms are minor artifacts, none know the secret of their construction other than the Merchants Arcane, or Mercane. There are rumors that high level mages of the Elven Imperial Fleet have recently started crafting helms of thier own, but at this point that is still rumor.

The list below includes the "standard cost" for helms in an active space-faring port like the Rock of Bral or Refuge. Note that in other places the price quickly becomes what the market will bear and thus can drop or rise considerably.

Helm	              		Cost			 	    Max Tonnage		TR
Sailjamming	      		2,000	 			    None	 	1 
Minor Helm                	80,000	 			    50	                1/3 levels
Major Helm       	        160,000	 			    100	 		1/2 levels
Great Helm                      600,000                             250                 1/3 levels
Epic Helm                       Priceless                           ???                 1/2 levels
Crown of Stars                  Priceless                           120                 1/2 levels
Furnace, Minor	      		10,000 or 30,000	 	    20	 		special
Furnace, Major	      		100,000	 			    100	 		2
Artifurnace                     Priceless                           ???	                1/2 levels
Lifejamming	      		50,000                    	    ???	 	        varies
Series Helm (Psionic)	        50,000 plus 25,000 per extra	    Varies, 5-50	1/helm
Pool Helm			80,000 (Illithids Only)	            ???	                ???