Greyhawk Chess Set

A hand-carved chess set representing the Greyhawk Pantheon that can play Wizard’s Chess if you read the incantation on the bottom.

This chess set was found by Kenari Sanura when they raided the 10th Pit ship, The Frostfire, during their attack on a Gnomish Sidewheeler.

A cursory search of the item revealed instructions on the bottom on how to command it to play Wizard’s Chess.

After the Urban Druid Parvatt / Parvatta informed them that the spirits told them the chess set was important somehow, they took the item to Maldin’s on Greyhawk for further investigation.

This revealed an Arcane Mark on the bottom of the piece dedicated to Fharlargan that represents the Elven house of Leafbower. They have since left the set with Admiral Villus Leafbower in the hopes that he can reveal further information regarding the set and its importance to their search for the Spelljammer.

Further divinations from the priests of Corellion revealed that the chess set wasn’t what was important… it was the meetings caused by it that were important. As such, the chess set has since been returned to Admiral Villus Leafbower.

Greyhawk Chess Set

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