Gallery Ke'randyl

Stronghold: Gallery Ke’randyl
Business: Art Dealer
Start up Cost: 15,000gp Upper class
Profits: Upper class 2%
Taxes paid: 20% of profit
Income tax paid: Upper class 3 gp per year
Special: Max. Profits are 10 percent

Percentile Role: 01 Disaster strikes. Stock destroyed, you must restock. (No profits for the year and you must spend1D10x100gp to restock); 02 Rumors circulate you sell fakes. (No profits for the year); 03-07 Stock is “out of style” (quarter profits); 08-10 Stock is “out if style” (half profits)

Description: This business is in a 20ft X 40ft two-story wooden building. It employs 3 people as an upper class business.

Special Note: if you need to pay money to recover from a disaster you will need to increase the gold if your class is not the default class. For example, if you own middle class jeweler shop you need to roll 1D8x100gp to recover, but if it was an upper class jeweler shop you would need to roll 1D8x100gp then double that amount to recover. Another example is if you owned a lower class local business you need to roll 1D10x10gp to recover, if it was a middle class business you would have to double the amount, and if it were an upper class business you would have to triple the amount.

Protection: Most places have thieves’ guild and, if a storeowner wants, they can pay protection money to them. If a storeowner does not pay for protection you will need to roll twice for events and take the worse of the two rolls. If they pay for protection, you can ignore any brake-ins or robberies 75% of the time if you roll one. Basically, if you roll a break-in you can roll another set of percentile. If you roll 75 or less, it does not happen. If you decide to pay protection, you cannot stop paying for it, ever. If you do, you automatically get a disaster in addition to your roll.

Gallery Ke'randyl

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