Farer's Freehold

The Ethereal is home to many sites for trade. The most famous is Farer’s Freehold, headquarters of the Etherfarer society. The markets there are the greatest and busiest in the Ethereal. You can find almost anything here, with a specialization in mystic exotica and strange pets. Trade is brisk, the haggling tough, but the prices are decent if you can hold your own with the Etherfarers.

Other significant sites include the Demiplane city of the Phirblas, with many markets within, the Jeweler’s Shop, a small outpost in the border of the Quasielemental plane of Mineral, Markeck’s Demiplane, the holding of a wizard who let’s traders stop by freely, and the Organic Refuge, where many survivors of world’s destroyed by Clockwork Horrors gather.

These markets are bounteous, but most cater primarily to Ethereal trade. The true strangeness is the places where the Border Ethereal and the Prime Material plane have been brought together, so that the planes overlap, creating the perfect market. These are extremely interesting places, and some of the few locations in the multiverse where primes and planars rub noses as equals, since everyone at them all is quite skilled at what they want most, making money. As far as I know, six of these sites exist. One opens to something that was once called “Netheril,” but the site is now filled with nothing but tons of solid rock. Something bad happened in the prime I guess.

Three of these locations open into wildspace. Neogi deathspiders and phase spiders preside over one, which is something a pity, unless the slave trade interests you. The Elven Imperial Navy controls another, and uses it to help supply its military forces. The third is kept open, and is run by a secretive cabal that I have been unable to discern. I believe the Planar Trade Consortium might be at least partially responsible, but I also suspect the arcane for being involved (Not least because of a large Dizantar attack three years ago).

As for the final two, well they open into prime worlds that don’t reveal their names, since merchant houses on those prime worlds are keeping the rights to themselves. Whatever, that doesn’t matter in the slightest from this side.

-The Sage of Candlekeep

Farer's Freehold

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