Appearance: An Evermap appears as a sphere about the size of a beach ball, with a smokey, transparent appearance. A tiny white light is in the center of the sphere, and it represents the ship carrying it.

Abilities: This Arcane built device only works in the phlogiston, and is designed to locate crystal spheres within a given radius. In this case, the radius is given in terms of ‘standard spelljamming days’ of travel. The navigator gives a command to the Evermap, such as ‘show me all crystal spheres within three days travel,’ and the map responds by creating an appropriate, three-dimensional map in the sphere. Any spheres within the desired range appear as miniature replicas of the actual spheres, about the size of a pea. If a sphere has a distinct appearance known to the navigator, he or she will recognize it. With the use of this map, the navigator can then compute or confirm courses, and inform the captain and helmsman accordingly.

Limitations: The device only works in the phlogiston. In wildspace or on a planet, it becomes dormant, and will not function again until the ship enters the phlogiston. It will not interfere with a Planetary Locator.

History: The Evermap is similar, in many ways, to a Planetary Locator, and the Arcane developed the Evermap to complement the more complex Locator. The Elven Navy started using evermaps after the first Unhuman Wars, and have used them frequently ever since.

Only the Arcane/Mercane can create these items GP Value:Starting at 30,000 standard gold.