Death and Resurrection


Death in Alternate Worlds

Creatures that die in an alternate reality are reclaimed by the quantum flux after they die. As a general rule,the body vanishes 1d4 hours after they die, leaving behind no trace of themselves other than their clothing and equipment. Before they disappear, these slain creatures can be raised from the dead normally. Slain creatures that are transformed into undead creatures remain in that alternate in their undead state and are not reclaimed by the quantum flux until they are destroyed. Once reclaimed by the quantum flux a creature can’t be raised from the dead or brought back by any means and is considered lost.  

Resurrection is Difficult 

The Casting time on any resurrection/raise dead spell is measured in hours, not minutes. The body must be brought to a specific location to perform the ritual (DC 15 Know Religion or Bardic Knowledge)


Coming Back Wrong – During the ritual, the caster must make a Know Religion or Spellcraft check (DC 15+ number of days dead for Raise Dead/Reincarnate, DC 15+number of decades for ressurection). On a failure, DM rolls on the mishap table.


01-04 The subject has an unusually cold touch that, while harmless, lingers in an uncomfortable fashion long after contact has been broken.

05-08 The subjects eyes change color, tint, size, or shape. 

09-11 The subject smells of freshly dug earth – comforting to Druids perhaps, but unsettling to urban characters. 

12-16 The subjects fingernails and hair become brittle and colorless. 

17-20 The subject becomes reckless, feeling that death is no longer to be feared. 

21-24 The subject becomes overly cautious, fearfully holding on to her second chance at life. 

25-28 The subject becomes more generous and caring, feeling that his second chance is best used serving the greater good. 

29-32 The subjects becomes more selfish, withdrawn, and possessive. This outcome works well if the PCs divided up the character’s belongings before she was brought back. 

33-36 The subject becomes fascinated with death and seeks others who have returned from death to share stories and experiences. 

37-40 One of the subjects feats has been swapped for a different one. If the subject has a list of spells known (like a Sorceror) then one of those spells has changed as well. 

41-44 The subject has a split personality. One of the personalities is the one from his previous life and the second if the personality of someone else who died very near the subject at some point in the past. 

45-48 The subject is followed by a shadow creature that wants to kill her and those that raised her. 

49-52 The subject is now owned by some extra planar entity and must do its bidding as though summoned. 

53-56 The subject is phobic of things that represent death ( think of Imhotep’s reaction to the cat in The Mummy. 

57-60 The subject develops a taste for raw flesh ( or for maggots, rotting flesh, or another repugnant viand).

61-64 The subject carries the look of someone who has died, with too-pale flesh, dull eyes, or some other haggard feature. 

65-68 The subject develops an abiding interest in religion ( or redoubles his interest if already religious).

69-72 The subject talks about how death still wants her and is waiting for her. 

73-76 The subject spurns wealth and possessions, feeling they have no value to one who walks beyond death. 

77-80 The subject seeks to ease the suffering of the dead, tending to the respectful burial of even his most hated enemies. 

81-84 From time to time the subject suddenly babbles in unknown languages or channels unearthly voices. 

85-88 The subject sleepwalks, even attacking people in his sleep ( although usually unarmed).

89-92 The subject has a body part or patch of skin that remains dead/rotting/discolored and smells of carrion. 

93-96 The subject has horrible nightmares that disturb her sleep, she requires an extra 2-4 hours of rest to be fully rested. 

96-100 Roll twice and apply both results. 

Adapted by Loki from Heroes of Horror and Urban Arcana

Death and Resurrection

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