Kar Loch
Kar Loch is the first asteroid shell in the Darnannon sphere. It is here that the elven fleet will meet any approaching ships to dertimine if there are any unwelcome races (any race but a full blooded elf) aboard. If a ship has any unwelcome races they will be instructed to land at Port.

The local elven fleet patrols the belt of Kar Loch all the time. But due to its large size a ship can often slip through unnoticed. If a ship is caught inside the orbit of Kar Loch they are given two choices, surrender or die. At least one fleet of ships is patrolling space between the crystal shell and Kar Loch constantly. A normal fleet of spelljamming ships consists of the following ships:

10 Elven Armadas (with 90 elves each)
40 Flitters (one elf each)
5 Man-o-Wars (with 60 elves each)
2 Hammerships (with 50 elves each)
5 Swanships (with 30 elves each)
5 Shrikeships (with 25 elves each)
1 Battle Dolphin (with 70 elves)
4 Eel Ships (for supply runs with 20 elves each)
4 cargo barges (for supply runs with 5 elves each)

Sha Loch

Sha Loch is a frozen world. What can be seen from orbit is a bitter place, with snow storms and blizzards covering most of the surface. Iceburgs crash about in the bitterly cold seas while huge glacers crush every thing in the slow path. This planet is populated by cold loving creatures who thrive in the artic clime. Large numbers of white dragons and frost giants roam the wastes looking for food and riches.

The elves maintian a large base on and above Sha Loch. The ground base is protected from most of the cold by powerful magics that control the weather and keep the air warmer then the surrounding winter. The elves are aided in thier efforts to protect this base by the frosts, cold farries. The upper base is the staging grounds for the outer squardons that patrol wildspace between Kar Loch and Ortean. At least two armadas are docked at this base at all times. This base is also the headquarters for the outer elven fleet.

The asteroid shell known as Orthean seres a three fold purpose. The first is defense, it can be very difficult for any one not knowing the proper route through the shell not getting thier ship smashed to bits amoung the rocks. The second and third purposes go together, the shell serves as a prison and a mining colony for the rest of the sphere. Here criminals serve out thier time mining the rocks for iron, gold, and other precious metals.

When a non-elf is caught inside Kar Loch, or an elf is convicted of a crime they are sentenced to serve there time on the Orthean mining colony. For a non-elf the term is light, usually only ten to fifteen years. However for an elf the terms can be anything from fifty years to life in the mines. If an elf is caught on a ship with non-elves in side the Kar Loch shell thier terms usually last as long as the rest of his shipmates, then he is banished from the Darnannon sphere never to return.

There is always a force of one thousand elves warriors (2nd level) and two hundred elf mages (4th level) on guard and patrolling throughout the shell at all times. This guard force is led by Fallis Starblow, an elf warrior mage (12/11 W/M). The guards roam the shell in flitters, one mage and five warriors. There is also a small navel fleet here consisting of 4 cargo barges, 4 flitters, and 2 Eel ships. The cargo barges have no helms and are towed by one flitter while an eel ship rides escort. These barges are used to transport prisoners to and from the shell.

When the prisoners are brought to the mining colony they are prosessed and them given one skiff to be used for transport. These skiffs are only 1/10 of a ton and do not allow enough air to travel even to the closest planet. They are used by the prisoners to transport small ammounts of ore to the main colony base to exchange the ore for food. The only weapons allowed to the prisoners are clubs, this is to allow them to defend themselves agianst the many scavers and other wildspace creatures that inhabit the shell.


Darnannon is the most populated world in this sphere. It is dominated by elves, with few other intelligent race being present. This monopoly of the planet has caused some interesting things to happen. First there are no drow elves on the planet, they were all banished to the first planet many millennium ago, however all other races of elves are present on the planet. Second most of the surface land on the planet is covered with ancient forests. Where there are elven cities they have been blended into the surrounding forest with such care that most times they are not even visible from the air.

The seas are populated by vast numbers of sea elves. Their cities can be seen rising from the waves in cosatal regions. The area around them is taken up by thier vast kelp beds tended to by sea elf and dolphin farmers. In the deep seas there are large triton cities that mine the sea bed for precious metals that are traded to the elves for items of worked metal that cannot be gotten under the sea.

The elven inner fleet is based here and patrols the space inside Orthean, its main duty is to train the new recruits for the rigors of wildspace. Thier main threat comes from the planet of Dobluth, where the drow sometimes build ships and threaten the inner fleet. This fleet consists of the following ships:
5 Armadas (with 100 elves each)
5 Monarch class Armadas (with 100 elves each)
100 Flitters (one elf each)
stored on the armadas
3 Man-o-Wars (with 60 elves each)
2 Radiant ships (with 50 elves each)
3 Shrikships (with 30 elves each)
2 Eel ships (for cargo runs with 20 elves each)
2 cargo barges (towed by the Eel ships for cargo runs)


This world is unusual in that the surface is covered entriely with burning deserts. Due to the great ammount of heat on the surface the only living beings there are the occasional salamander. Under the surface however is a different story, there the temperature is considerably cooler, So much cooler in fat that this is where all the underdark races that where banished from Darnannon were sent. It was thought that due to the high surface temperature they would not eacape.

Under the burning surface lie vast drow nations as well as quite a number of goblin civilizations. These drow nations sometimes build spelljamming ships and seek to escape this burning prison. Sometimes they reach wildspace only to be attacked by the inner elven fleet, most often they just burn up before they escape the atmosphere of the planet. The goblinoids do not seek to escape only to survive agianst the vastly more powerful drow nations. There are even rumored to be great undergruondkingdons of Koa-Toa and aboleths present although this cannot be confirmed due to the fact that these race did not exist on Darnannon pirior to the banishment and the fact that those adventurers that go to this planet do not return.


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